Deed, not Words, Gentlemen As Fr. Rob Johansen points out, Bp. Wilton Gregory is appearing to have trouble walking the talk. Nothing will be more tragic than a good beginning followed by the normal recourse to Business as Usual. George Neumayr is waaaaaay more critical of Bp. Gregory than I would be. He seems to [Read More...]

On the down side The bishops are trotting out the Usual Suspects to give the blah blah on psychology, etc, just as if they weren’t the deeply discredited people whose advice the bishops foolishly followed to set Geoghan loose to prey on more kids. Philip Lawler also notes, presciently: Omigosh! Scott Appleby has just gone [Read More...]

If only women could be teachers. If only teachers could marry. None of this would happen. [Read more...]

Thank God! I don’t get EWTN and so have not had access to the actual words of the conference. But I am mightily cheered by the forthright and clear acknowledgement of responsibility by Bp. Gregory. The Penance that is necessary here is not the obligation of the Church at large in the United States, but [Read More...]

Jesuit. Figures. “Homosexuals have a ‘unique experience of suffering,’ ‘deeper inner lives’ and ‘more creativity’ than heterosexuals.” How do they measure things like this? [Read more...]

Okay, I can buy this If the bishops actually get serious about following these recommendations and verrrry carefully screening those who experience same sex attraction, I can go along with these recommendations. As I say, the goal is faithful, chaste priests, not “taking down homosexuals”. [Read more...]

Now this is handy! All the presentations at the Bishops Confab are being put on line as the day progresses. Check back regularly! That way you don’t have to rely on us bloggers to paraphrase ‘em. [Read more...]

My children are splashing and playing in the little plastic wading pool outside my window Life, despite its vicissitudes, is very good. [Read more...]

Mike Hardy, struggling to pretend that there is not a media-imposed blackout on the fact that the Situation is all about homosexual abuse, writes: The fact that the media aren’t unanimous in forcing your conclusions about this fact down America’s throat doesn’t mean they aren’t reporting it – or that they aren’t reporting that many [Read More...]

Here’s a sign of hope! [Read more...]

Rob Johansen has a Blog! EIEIO! [Read more...]

New blog! [Read more...]