Stupidity for Dummies! Now this is what I call Applied Science! And, as a reader notes, the some members of the hierarchy might profit from a read. [Read more...]

Geocentrism, Relativity, and Puny Humans A reader writes: Haven’t looked at the geocentric guy’s site yet, but since Einstein showed that no inertial frame of reference is privileged over any other, you may be in big trouble trying to provide positive proof that the earth rotates. The equations that describe a rotating earth revolving around [Read More...]

Jesuit Moral Theology 101 Guiding Principle No. 1: It’s better to look good than be good. Here follows a message sent to the houses of the Jesuit Community of the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley by the rector. The Jesuit Conference Committee on Formation is the organ that sets national policies for U.S. Jesuits [Read More...]

Point of Clarification A reader, scandalized by my good words for Christopher Hitchens asks if I am aware of his awful little screed against Mother Teresa. Indeed I am and awful it is. Similarly, medieval Christians were aware of Saladin’s attacks on their holy places and Northerners were aware of Robert E. Lee’s devastation of [Read More...]

Flannery O’Connor Speaks the Truth [Read more...]

“This dismally written, pick-nose, spiteful and furtive little book” David Brock just should never have messed with Christopher Hitchens. The man can write rings around him and here has his guts for garters in his review of Blinded by the Right. Hitchens withers Brock like a salted slug. One of the last Lefties I can [Read More...]

Dale cracks me up while he breaks my heart The mainline Protestants (Motto: “Smaller and more irrelevant by the hour!”) have cognitive difficulties (read: less common sense than God gave cabbage) that rival those of our own clerics. In this case, it’s not pervert shuffling, but the coddling of terrorists. Essentially, many of the mainliners [Read More...]

Celibacy and Fr. Spiderman, SJ (Society of Justice) An attentive reader writes: I just wanted to second your remarks about the Web-Head. The ending of the movie is a resounding affirmation of priestly celibacy. MJ asks, “JUST friends?”, and Peter replies, “That’s all I have to give.” He realizes the calling to which he has [Read More...]

Haven’t looked at it, but The Pontifical Biblical Comission has a new document out on The Jewish People and Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible [Read more...]

New Iceberg 47 Miles Long Breaks Off Antarctic Ice Shelf NY Times Pundit Bill Keller blames priestly celibacy, pro-life doctrines and failure to ordain women. Calls for greater irrational hysteria in order to prevent Rome from destroying more fragile Antarctic wilderness ice. [Read more...]

Shameless Plug Mode ON if you haven’t done so yet, you should really check out my day job, Catholic Exchange, a web portal for Catholics (I write Bible studies, Truth Tracts, and Words of Encouragement, as well as contribute regular articles and put custard pies on CE President Tom Allen’s chair when he’s not looking). [Read More...]

See What I Mean? If you murder somebody for leftist reasons, you are an “activist”, not an extremist and your act of murder is not a “hate crime” but a “cry for justice.” But if somebody says “Whack jobs who kill people because they don’t like their views on furry critters are maniacs who should [Read More...]