Carmelites are Cool! Check this out, ladies. Sr. Mary Judith writes: If you know of any young ladies in your offices or Churches that would be interested in our Retreat Weekend or are searching for a women’s congregation to enter that is totally loyal to our Holy Father, I would appreciate it if you would [Read More...]

From the “Teach a Person to Fish” Department In the interest of educating others and (pursuing a more rigorous regimen as a Couch Potato freed from the burdens of researching questions for others), let me commend to you a new on-line study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church . You can read all about [Read More...]

Bravo to Rod Dreher One does get the impression from certain people that in order to be a “real” conservative (that is, somebody who doesn’t worship the future or exalt the State above the human person, and who thinks the patrimony of human culture and the revelation of God are things of value) or a [Read More...]

Where’s Nihil Obstat when you need him/her/it? Jesse Jackson says Dubya is “unliterate”. One wishes to say… oh, many things about this delectable quote. But all of them simply gild the lily. [Read more...]

Much discussion about the Masculinity and Femininity in the Church over on Amy’s blog ….prompts me to direct y’all to this piece I wrote some time ago. It’s reflective of my own experience as a convert to the Catholic Faith from Evangelicalism. [Read more...]

The Press asks the tough questions Fox wants to know “Why is Michael Jackson acting so weird?” (Look waaaay down at the bottom.) . Meanwhile Mark Steyn records the bafflement of authorities over what conceivable connection there might be between an Egyptian Muslim fanatic with possible ties to Al-Quaeda who shoots up an El Al [Read More...]

Put this in your bulging “Why Amy Welborn is a National Treasure” file [Read more...]

Joycelyn Elders (remember her?) is Giving a Planned and Wanted Talk to Planned and Wanted People Unwanted people are not wanted. [Read more...]

The inimitable Dale the Lawyer has a Blog! Time to update my template! [Read more...]

SatireWire is giving the Onion a run for it’s money “SUPREME COURT RULES EARNINGS SHOULD BE PROTECTED AS “ART” [Read more...]

Touche! Minute Particulars makes some cogent observations about my simplistic remarks [Read more...]

Iran is really on the edge of implosion Let’s hear from more of these Reformers against the Radical Islamic nutballs. [Read more...]