Damn! [Read more...]


Yes, you need to spell it out for me I asked: “But what of the Henri Nouwens [i.e. celibate priests who have faithfully resisted their disordered inclinations and served honorably as priests]? Shall we punish the innocent just to make sure we nail the guilty?” To which somebody named Jay responds rather testily: “Homosexuals do [Read More...]


What Do I Want? A number of people seem to think my personal preference and delight would be for bad bishops to go on exactly as they have forever. They seem to have gotten this idea because I have been saying, “Like it or not, the Holy Father (who is neither a fool nor wicked) [Read More...]


Andrew Sullivan heads for the hills Sullivan’s off to spend some quality time goofing off. Too bad. I’d love to hear him spin his way out of this: “There is no outbreak of heterosexual child molestation in the American church. In the words of the late Rev. Michael Peterson, who co-founded the well-known clergy-treating St. [Read More...]


50% of the Human Race has an IQ below average Here’s a vital email warning from one of those folks. [Read more...]


SNAP has class They’re withdrawing their lawsuit so the bishops will be free to talk with them in Dallas. God knows the bishops need to listen to them. [Read more...]


James Kovacs’ Integrity Blog has some good stuff from Cardinal George on the Situation [Read more...]


Time to start forming a network to Defend the Seal of the Confessional An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A reader writes: I have been writing a blog for a couple of weeks focusing on common law developments with an examination of interesting cases published in California and the Ninth Circuit [Read More...]


Saudi Arabia: Don’t Let Your Daughter Live There [Read more...]


Cardinal Dulles on the upcoming Confab Why “zero tolerance” is just another word for “zero intelligence”. [Read more...]


Joe Katzman has the latest scoop on the anti-semitism at SFSU and what’s being done about it [Read more...]


From the growing “Shoot the Messenger” file Note to the unwary and easily panicked: whenever anybody anywhere in the media says stuff like “A Catholic cardinal who some believe may become the next pope…” you may wager your entire life’s savings with absolute security on the fact that the cardinal under discussion will never ever [Read More...]