They Don’t Know What’s Killing Them When a liberal starts to get hysterical, he nearly always fall back on charging an opponent with being stupid. It’s all they know how to do. So, of course, here comes Rep. Diane E. Watson, California Democrat” proclaiming President Bush has a low IQ — “of 88.” Never mind [Read More...]

Gone for the Weekend While I’m gone, think about how much you miss me and, in a weepy, impulsive fit of raw sentimentality, say to yourself, “He pours his heart out on that blog and I haven’t donated a cent to him or bought a single one of his books! What’s the matter with me? [Read More...]

My latest article on Catholic Exchange or, “Why secular attempts to pit the US against the gospel are suicidal” [Read more...]

Happy News! Welcome to the fold, Sen. Brownback and Mr. Morris. [Read more...]

More Problems for Bob Sungenis In addition to needing a major overhaul in the science department for his advocacy of kooky geocentrism, Bob’s appears to need a tune-up in the theology department as well. James Akin finds some rather glaring problems with Bob’s book Not by Bread Alone. (Requires Real Audio. Discussion of Not By [Read More...]

Authentic Pagans miffed at Fluff-Brained Pretend Pagans [Read more...]

Those wacky Palestinians “It was all a joke,” says family. [Read more...]

Boy! Veni Sancte Spiritus really doesn’t like St. Blog’s proofreader By the way, Anthony, “thin-skinned” is supposed to be hyphenated. [Read more...]

A man pretending to be a bishop is going to pretend to ordain women pretending to be priests Liberal theology: in touch with reality as ever. Oh, and thanks to Veni Sancte Spiritus for the evocative term “GermChurch”. [Read more...]

Vindication for David Alexander Don’t forget to check out his posts to the VOTF Message board. We need a lot more people like him in VOTF. We don’t need Fortress Catholic Pharisees saying “He eats with tax collectors and sinners. He is ritually impure.” [Read more...]

Gay Apologists Sound More Like Honduran Bishops all the Time [Read more...]

More Culture of Suspicion A reader laments over my defense of the stupid but not criminal Fr. Jaeger: I don’t understand why Mark Shea is so hot about this priest when I do not think he knows all the facts about this priest. I used to think Cardinal Law was cleaning up Boston when I [Read More...]