Happy News! Welcome to the fold, Sen. Brownback and Mr. Morris. [Read more...]


More Problems for Bob Sungenis In addition to needing a major overhaul in the science department for his advocacy of kooky geocentrism, Bob’s appears to need a tune-up in the theology department as well. James Akin finds some rather glaring problems with Bob’s book Not by Bread Alone. (Requires Real Audio. Discussion of Not By [Read More...]


Authentic Pagans miffed at Fluff-Brained Pretend Pagans [Read more...]


Those wacky Palestinians “It was all a joke,” says family. [Read more...]


Boy! Veni Sancte Spiritus really doesn’t like St. Blog’s proofreader By the way, Anthony, “thin-skinned” is supposed to be hyphenated. [Read more...]


A man pretending to be a bishop is going to pretend to ordain women pretending to be priests Liberal theology: in touch with reality as ever. Oh, and thanks to Veni Sancte Spiritus for the evocative term “GermChurch”. [Read more...]


Vindication for David Alexander Don’t forget to check out his posts to the VOTF Message board. We need a lot more people like him in VOTF. We don’t need Fortress Catholic Pharisees saying “He eats with tax collectors and sinners. He is ritually impure.” [Read more...]


Gay Apologists Sound More Like Honduran Bishops all the Time [Read more...]


More Culture of Suspicion A reader laments over my defense of the stupid but not criminal Fr. Jaeger: I don’t understand why Mark Shea is so hot about this priest when I do not think he knows all the facts about this priest. I used to think Cardinal Law was cleaning up Boston when I [Read More...]


Just when you think you’ve seen everything… there’s this. [Read more...]


“Deception under the face of virtue” or Romanitas vs. The Culture of Fear and Suspicion Down below, I linked to a thoroughly innocuous post by David Alexander. In response, a reader sets off a klaxon: David Alexander is a moderator in for the D.C. Area Voice of the Faithful. Voice of the Faithful is a [Read More...]


Why Palestinian culture is so frickin’ sick Okay, so today Drudge runs this piece: the “baby suicide bomber” photo. Now, I don’t know if the photo is legit or not. You can do wonders with Photoshop so there’s always the chance the photo was cooked up by Israeli propagandists. But get this: “Ordinary Palestinians said [Read More...]