Something to Counter Popular Eschatology We are never getting off this rock. Oh sure, we might get a couple people to Mars to walk around. Maybe a space station. Maaaaaaaybe a moon station. But that’s about it. We’re never going to colonize the planets (it would be far easier to colonize Antarctica and make it [Read More...]

Greg Popcak is a genius! Reminds me of Envoy Magazine’s hilarious list of hymns for materialists a few years ago. My personal pick: “Behold the Lamborghini”. [Read more...]

Have I mentioned lately that Islam is intellectually bankrupt and its creative period ended centuries ago? If I haven’t before. I did now. It’s wine has turned to vinegar and, since it is only a man-made religion, it has no power to renew itself once it is sucked into the vortex of fanaticism its worst [Read More...]

Another Day, Another Book for Mel Gibson! Turns out my boss at Catholic Exchange has interesting irons in the fire. He’s working on getting support for a film on the life of St. Edmund Campion and is dickering with, among other people, Mel Gibson. (The film’s a natural for him, given his ongoing Australian love [Read More...]

Fr. Robert Johansen has a review of Goodbye Good Men up. [Read more...]

Mike Shirley Takes Me to Task and Then Forgives me–all on one blogsite! Thanks for calling me on my harshness. It’s not hatred of Weakland, but of Happy Talk that prompted my remarks about Bp. Sklba’s eulogy. I think its our task to extend forgiveness now, not prolong recriminations in a manner than has made [Read More...]

Once again, it hard to disagree with Christopher Hitchens [Read more...]

Joe Katzman is doing a good thing, exposing the nitwit anti-semites at SFSU and calling them to account. [Read more...]

Don’t Wanna Be Scaped? Don’t Act Like a Goat Kathy Shaidle’s dead right, of course. The gay subculture has got to break out of the Andrew Sullivan Total Denial Syndrome if they hope to confront the pathologies they so transparently try to foist off on Everybody Else. Has the hierarchy failed, stonewalled, caved and generally [Read More...]

If I haven’t Mentioned it Before… I think Petersnet’s Site Rating System is really stupid. overbearing and arrogant. They grade you on “fidelity” according to your links, among other things. Right Linking is Rewarded. Wrong Linking is Punished. My blog would be hopelessly “suspect” according to this stupid system, since opportunities for ritual defilement by [Read More...]

They’re adapting in Milwaukee. [Read more...]

Interesting Conversations! featuring Amy, Woodeene Koenig-Bricker, Greg Popcak, me, and others on laity, Texas Death Penalties, Gallery Owner Jesuits, and cloning James Brown (the Hardest Working Man in Show Business) over on the Heart, Mind and Strength blog. Check it out! [Read more...]