A friend writes to say: I don’t see any evidence of trauma. In priests who’ve been accused, whether accurately or falsely, certainly; but not on the part of the bishops. Consternation, yes. “Oh, shit!” sure. But trauma, no. Their behavior is changing, but not because of the conviction that they did something wrong, but due [Read More...]


Kevin Orlin Johnson comments below: Yes, bishops should be removed immediately–all of them. That was the verdict of Abp. Bedini, the very first papal emissary sent over here, in 1853, to sort out the miscreant American clergy. Every subsequent papal emissary has said the same thing: remove these bishops and replace them with “suitable candidates”. [Read More...]


Just to clarify… The “comment” feature refers to the blog immediately above it, not below it. [Read more...]


The Weekend Piece is up over at Catholic Exchange [Read more...]


The Mainstream Press Finally Catches up with the Blogosphere In other news, mainstream press finally acknowledges sky is blue, water is wet, and fire is hot. [Read more...]


Naughty fun over at Ad Orientem [Read more...]


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A reader writes: I think several bishops in America should be removed immediately because they have failed to shepherd their people well (a gross understatement.) I appreciate your take on the Pope’s “strategy,” and agree that it may be best for the bishops if they have to clean up the mess they’ve made. Dealing with [Read More...]


Some Things I’d Like to See in the Policy [Read more...]


Wishful and wrong headed Somebody writes: The next scandal will be unearthed when the medica can’t find any more child-molesting priests, and then discover how much homosexual activity there is in the priesthood. There is one and only one solution to the crisis: Defrock all homosexual priests and keep homosexuals out of seminaries. While I [Read More...]


Sungenis in the News New Scientist has taken note of Bob’s $1000 dollar geocentrism challenge as well as of another challenge to “prove” evolution. Happily, they refer to Bob’s Catholic Apologetics International as a “sect” and not as somehow an “official Catholic organization.” The Church has enough trouble. Meanwhile, The Onion has some handy observations [Read More...]


Much talk about JPII “gambling with our children” etc. … by leaving in place bishops like Law or Mahony. I think the whole “endangering kids” thing is not going to be much of an issue in future. I think it far more likely the bishops will put in some sort of draconian overkill policy that [Read More...]