Between GK Chesterton and Peter Kreeft You can get education in most of what’s important in the universe. Not only that, they are rollicking fun! [Read more...]

Howdy National Review Readers! Make yourself at home! [Read more...]

Okay! The Vatican Radio Link is up and Ready for Listeners Remember: For the feedback link, It’s “Shea”–S-H-E-A–that you loved best in the interview. And you really think it would be the ideal thing for a starving writer who has four strapping lads to feed and educate that he get the Vatican Radio Archive Prize. [Read more...]

Another Possible Lay Movement with Promise? [Read more...]

Mulling Over What the Pope Might be Thinking Was chatting with a friend last night, trying to fathom why it is the Pope leaves and apparently even compels bishops like Law to remain in their post despite the fact that they have done such a bad job. I’m beginning to wonder if it doesn’t have [Read More...]

I liked this: Isaac Bashevis Singer was once asked why he continued to write in Yiddish, a dying language. Singer answered, yes Yiddish may be a dying language, but in the Yiddish tradition, from dying to dead is a long long way. [Read more...]

Caesar is (for the moment) keeping his stinking hands off the Sacraments of Jesus Christ [Read more...]

Reasons to Hope A reader writes: An interesting factoid from George Barna’s website. He is the evangelical guru of statistics and is constantly conducting surveys regarding issues that are of importance to Christians. He’s deeply evangelical in his understanding of Christianity but usually tries to give Catholics a fair shake. He did his latest survey [Read More...]

Marty Helgesen, Punster Extraordinaire, Demands Public Recognition of His Spin Doctor Pun… and writes, “Don’t you realize that people who say things like that have no shame?” He then adds: “The reason the Church puts those things with holy water at the doors of churches is that she stoups to conquer.” I fear a deluge [Read More...]

Stupidity for Dummies! Now this is what I call Applied Science! And, as a reader notes, the some members of the hierarchy might profit from a read. [Read more...]

Geocentrism, Relativity, and Puny Humans A reader writes: Haven’t looked at the geocentric guy’s site yet, but since Einstein showed that no inertial frame of reference is privileged over any other, you may be in big trouble trying to provide positive proof that the earth rotates. The equations that describe a rotating earth revolving around [Read More...]

Jesuit Moral Theology 101 Guiding Principle No. 1: It’s better to look good than be good. Here follows a message sent to the houses of the Jesuit Community of the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley by the rector. The Jesuit Conference Committee on Formation is the organ that sets national policies for U.S. Jesuits [Read More...]