Have I mentioned Lately What a National Treasure Amy Welborn is? Well, she is. When they start creating those lay woman cardinals, I’m nominating her. [Read more...]


Mike Shirley and Michelle Cottle Get it Exactly Wrong And in terms weirdly reminiscent of the old attempts to divert attention from the fact that Clinton was being impeached for breaking the law, not for sexual improprieties. I don’t know of anyone who has attempted to argue that Weakland was an “abuser” (except for the [Read More...]


Nice piece on Ad Orientum about the shallow prejudices of the Chattering Classes at Bates [Read more...]


Karen Marie Knapp has a blog! Welcome to St. Blog’s, Karen. Now you can tell me why I’m all wet in my dissing of Weakland. [Read more...]


Hmmm… I hope he’s wrong But he may be right. Mark Cameron writes: I agree with your extremely negative evaluation of Islam, however I disagree that “Islam is doomed as a major world religion” with “no power to renew itself” or that “once the various police states that prop it up are done away with [Read More...]


Bishop Joseph Gerry of Portland, Maine and Father Jerry Gosselin Are today’s winners of the “Defender Against the Oppressed” Award! To paraphrase you, padre: “”Wait till the Lord hears about this, you’re finished.” Was the aborted baby photo out of line before Mass? Yeah. But the draconian response–”[the abortion protestor] was issued an order barring [Read More...]


Stupid or Shallow? Shallow or Stupid? Gosh, it’s so hard to choose! I think I’ll have to go for both Monty. Favorite quote: “The company’s clients have included troubled energy company Dynegy Inc., Global Crossing during its bankruptcy, actress Halle Berry following a traffic accident and comedian Paula Poundstone after her child-endangerment case.” Memo to [Read More...]


Mike Hardy needs to talk to Andrew Sullivan Mike seems to have the idea that those of us who are noting that homosexuality seems to have something to do with abuse of boys are somehow concluding that all homosexuals are child abusers. I think I’ve made it clear I think no such thing. I think, [Read More...]


Take up and Blog is doing interesting work analyzing Garry Wills’ recent hatchet job on Philip Jenkins. Turns out Jenkins is primarily guilty of not fitting the Wills/Sullivan agenda of a) attacking the Church as a haven for pedophiles while b) pretending the Situation has nothing to do with homosexuality. His data makes it clear [Read More...]


Something to Counter Popular Eschatology We are never getting off this rock. Oh sure, we might get a couple people to Mars to walk around. Maybe a space station. Maaaaaaaybe a moon station. But that’s about it. We’re never going to colonize the planets (it would be far easier to colonize Antarctica and make it [Read More...]


Greg Popcak is a genius! Reminds me of Envoy Magazine’s hilarious list of hymns for materialists a few years ago. My personal pick: “Behold the Lamborghini”. [Read more...]


Have I mentioned lately that Islam is intellectually bankrupt and its creative period ended centuries ago? If I haven’t before. I did now. It’s wine has turned to vinegar and, since it is only a man-made religion, it has no power to renew itself once it is sucked into the vortex of fanaticism its worst [Read More...]