Steve Mattson speaks good sense. [Read more...]

Waitaminnit ABC quotes Jason Berry charging “Bishop Quinn was basically saying if you have something that’s incriminating, send it to the Vatican Embassy. They can hide it.” They have a tape of Quinn saying essentially this–in 1990. And that, of course, is why none of us has ever heard of John Geoghan or Paul Shanley [Read More...]

Voice of the Faithful Redux A while back, somebody sent me a link to Voice of the Faithful. Now the Major Media are starting to notice these guys. Andrew Sullivan, reliably confused about all things Catholic, has anointed them as one of the Church’s great hopes, so that’s a warning bell to proceed with caution. [Read More...]

Nicely done, Abp. Weakland A beautifully contrite Abp. Weakland came clean at a Milwaukee service. May it be the beginning of his healing and the healing of the Church. Every corrupt bishop should take a cue and try his approach. Don’t call it a “mistake”. Call it what it is: sin. Also, nice job telling [Read More...]

Vatican Bureaucrats React to The Situation with All the Insight, Speed and Efficiency that Has Made Italy the Global Power it is Today I wonder what the Pope does, surrounded by such myopic functionaries all day? No wonder he drives them crazy. [Read more...]

Have I mentioned Lately What a National Treasure Amy Welborn is? Well, she is. When they start creating those lay woman cardinals, I’m nominating her. [Read more...]

Mike Shirley and Michelle Cottle Get it Exactly Wrong And in terms weirdly reminiscent of the old attempts to divert attention from the fact that Clinton was being impeached for breaking the law, not for sexual improprieties. I don’t know of anyone who has attempted to argue that Weakland was an “abuser” (except for the [Read More...]

Nice piece on Ad Orientum about the shallow prejudices of the Chattering Classes at Bates [Read more...]

Karen Marie Knapp has a blog! Welcome to St. Blog’s, Karen. Now you can tell me why I’m all wet in my dissing of Weakland. [Read more...]

Hmmm… I hope he’s wrong But he may be right. Mark Cameron writes: I agree with your extremely negative evaluation of Islam, however I disagree that “Islam is doomed as a major world religion” with “no power to renew itself” or that “once the various police states that prop it up are done away with [Read More...]

Bishop Joseph Gerry of Portland, Maine and Father Jerry Gosselin Are today’s winners of the “Defender Against the Oppressed” Award! To paraphrase you, padre: “”Wait till the Lord hears about this, you’re finished.” Was the aborted baby photo out of line before Mass? Yeah. But the draconian response–”[the abortion protestor] was issued an order barring [Read More...]

Stupid or Shallow? Shallow or Stupid? Gosh, it’s so hard to choose! I think I’ll have to go for both Monty. Favorite quote: “The company’s clients have included troubled energy company Dynegy Inc., Global Crossing during its bankruptcy, actress Halle Berry following a traffic accident and comedian Paula Poundstone after her child-endangerment case.” Memo to [Read More...]