Mail bag A reader notes that of all the archived shows by Mother A, the only one EWTN does not post is the one where she said that Cdl. Mahony should receive “zero obedience”. That’s a good enough retraction for me. Way to go, Mother. Sean Gallagher takes issue with my dressing down of Cdl. [Read More...]

Lot of Opportunity for Penitential Suffering in AmChurch Masses! This makes me ever more appreciative of how wonderful we have it at Blessed Sacrament parish with the great Nan Holcomb doing the music! She (and our wonderful priests and staff) clearly grasp that the command to Christ was “Feed my sheep” not “Try experiments on [Read More...]

Kathy Shaidle tells us that the South African Catholic Church is refusing to report abuses cases to the cops For those of you with Jesuit educations, that’s called “obstruction of justice”. For those of you who poo-poo the idea that a renegade subculture of homosexual contempt for chastity and orthodoxy would never engage in criminal [Read More...]

A Reader Writes: I entered the Catholic Church, from Orthodoxy, last year. And with joy. With gladness, because it was a given joy, something placed upon my path. Irresistible, a stumbling stone gladly tripped over. What pushed and pulled me in? Too many to recount here. One, significantly, was watching (thank you, Cardinal Ratzinger) how [Read More...]

A Troubled Reader writes: There have to be some good analyses of why such a thing can happen and not destroy the credibility and authenticity of the Church. If you know of any, please post any such writings on your blog, and I (and lots of others, I’ll bet) will check them out. I need [Read More...]

More on “What is JPII thinking?” Spoke this weekend with a wonderful priest friend, the soul of common sense and probably the closest I will ever get to meeting St. Thomas Aquinas. He is habitually cool and sane in his judgments and fully informed by the Tradition. In the course of the conversation, I became [Read More...]

Also, check out the wonderful St. Austin Review edited by my pal Joseph Pearce, who also wrote fun books on Tolkien, Chesterton, and a whole gaggle of Literary Converts. [Read more...]

Hey! Check out the Mars Hill Review! [Read more...]

More Science Stuff A reader writes: Quick question — a spin off from Mr. Sungesis (sp?) blog postings. We homeschool and are in a Christian homeschooling co-op with a lot of creationists, they have given us a lot of material that casts a lot of doubt on evolutionary theory but the literal interpretation of Genesis [Read More...]

Mahony, Mother A, and me I mentioned earlier that EWTN has been mouthy in its treatment of some of our bishops. I should clarify lest I be taken as pulling a punch. As should be clear, I think Cdl. Mahony is an odious man. From his appalling treatment of abuse victims in his care, to [Read More...]

Speaking of which… The Catholic Church in Washington, always a cutting edge place, shows that homosexual abuse is an equal opportunity employer. [Read more...]

Some Background for Mike Mike Hardy, not knowing me from Adam, and seeing only what I’ve written on this blog naturally assumes certain things (eg. I am ‘trying to tar the gay community” and I hope to “bully gays back into the closet”, etc.) Some background: First, I have had oodles of contact with gay [Read More...]