Urban Legends of the Amazon I periodically get questions from people about my other site (mark-shea.com). Some folks are concerned because I have a lot of links to Amazon for books and tapes (Be sure to buy lots and lots of stuff!) and they heard somewhere that Amazon has some sort of special partnership with [Read More...]


Hey! Here’s Some Hopeful News! A reader writes: I don’t know if you have had a chance to read Germain Grisez’s proposals to the bishops on how to deal with the current Church scandal. The document is called “Submission to the Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse – USCC“. If half of what Grisez recommends [Read More...]


Can’t find the link for this but… It was sent by a friend of mine who is an Eastern Europe scholar at the University of Washington. This shows why it’s so important to have connections in academe: PRINCE CHARLES OPPOSES DRACULA PARK Great Britain’s Prince Charles opposes the [Romanian] government’s plan to build an amusement [Read More...]


Now Murder? [Read more...]


The wonderful Gerard Serafin provides a lovely link to all the hopeful things coming out of the Current Troubles [Read more...]


Er, I was not pounding out the Dentist Just to be clear. [Read more...]


Between Pounding Out Writing Projects and the Dentist… I’ve been gone. For those of you who wrote wondering if was dead, I’m not. Though I probably will be someday. I’ll try to make that later rather than sooner. [Read more...]


Let Arafat Go, Suicide Bombings Resume What are the odds of that sort of bizarre coincidence? [Read more...]


It’s Official! Leftist Nutball Suspect Arrested in Fortuyn Murder Oh. Well. It’s okay then. As long as it’s for a leftist cause. Especially cuddly animals with big brown eyes. Sure their methods are extreme. But it’s not like it was a Hate Crime or anything. The murderer was operating out of noble and socially progressive [Read More...]


Hey! Another Catholic Blogger! [Read more...]


A Member of the Murdering in Cold Blood for Leftism is Okay Brigade speaks out (kudos to Andrew Sullivan for shining the spotlight on this sort of enemy of civil society): Anyone deserving the name libertarian does not restrict people’s liberty to live where they want. It’s good to see people taking direct action against [Read More...]


Ooops! A reader points out my unclarity. Women cannot participate in the sacrament of Holy Orders. This includes the diaconate, as well as the priesthood. My apologies. However, there is still no particular reason I can see from Ordinatio Sacerdotalis that a lay woman could not be a cardinal. It’s not permissible by canon law [Read More...]