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Is Bill Keller Dumb? In answer to that important question, my friend, the invaluable poet Pavel Chichikov, writes me: There’s another foaming at the mouth op-ed piece in the NYTimes today, by Bill Keller, who describes himself as a ‘collapsed Catholic.’ Yells at the Pope for being undemocratic (‘soviet’) and says the Catholic Church is [Read More...]


I Hate Being Right All the Time Paul Thigpen of Envoy Magazine writes me: You probably caught it, but your item about the coming attack on the seal of the confessional sure seemed prophetic in light of this news item yesterday (somehow the source didn’t get copied when I downloaded the text–I think it was [Read More...]


Augustine on Catholic Apologists Who Involve Themselves in Kooky Campaigns to Deny the Rotation of the Earth “It not infrequently happens that something about the earth, about the sky, about other elements of this world, about the motion and rotation or even the magnitude and distances of the stars, about definite eclipses of the sun [Read More...]


Bob Sungenis Has Not Excommunicated Rotational Earthists I wrongfully assumed that Bob believed Real Catholics[TM] had to subscribe to his kooky ideas about science. My apologies. I am happy to report that he does not think this. It is reported to me that Bob believes you can still be Catholic without a) believing in ether, [Read More...]


Greetings US News and World Reporters A grateful tip of the hat to John Leo for mentioning this blog! Thanks! My name, for the record, is Mark Shea, not Andrew (somebody at USNAWR must have hiccuped a Sullivan when typing). Anyway, this is where I do my thang. Grab a cyber-beer and settle in. [Read more...]


Fr. Richard “I only wear the collar when I’m on TV” McBrien Sure Puts the Holy Father in His Place The Rev. Richard McBrien, a professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, said the Pope’s call to revive the practice of private confessions was “doomed to failure.” “The overwhelming majority of Catholics have [Read More...]


The Great Matrix Debate Continues! A reader tells me the Evangelicals are on the case, and they get it! Here’s the PDF version, which is good because it’s well worth reading in full: He adds: It’s done by an evangelical group, and boy, have they broken it down in detail. They’ve seen it a few [Read More...]


A Little Wisdom from the Catholic Spiritual Tradition The devil’s standard strategy is a) tempt, followed by b) accuse. This is what the American Church has fallen for. We’ve been wheedled, cajoled, assured, pressured, threatened, and begged to say that the current sexual zeitgeist of American Culture is what the Church needs to conform to. [Read More...]


This is Why I Love Fr. Benedict Groeschel [Read more...]


Krauthammer Nails it Again! [Read more...]


As If We Didn’t Have Enough Problems… with clueless bishops who don’t grasp that it’s not normal for priests to give public speeches about the glories of Man Boy Love, now we have lay apologists insisting that the only Real Catholic[TM] is a geocentric Catholic. Yes, Robert Sungenis actually thinks that Galileo was wrong, that [Read More...]