The Difference between Colbert and O’Reilly

…is that Colbert *means* to be hilarious: The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive Even funnier, the Great Man of FOX News declares that those who ridicule his massively and obviously stupid idea are “dumb“. Since when has an overextended empire that outsourced its security to a foreign mercenaries [Read More...]

Damon Linker Tries to Warn that Making Consent the Sole Criterion of the Good will Lead to Incest

…is met with, “Yeah?  So What?” by his readers. I hate being right all the time. Let’s review, in order to prepare for the future, where making consent the sole criterion of the good will lead (here, here, and here). It will lead, not to the triumph of personal autonomy and a golden age of [Read More...]

Library Purges Corrie ten Boom’s “The Hiding Place”…

…for being “too Christian”.  One awaits the outcry during “Banned Books Week”. [Read more...]

The Terrifying Mercy of God

Christ died for sinners.  It sounds like a truism until some damn fool Christian takes it seriously and goes to Nuremburg to minister to and comfort Nazis. It is profoundly sobering to reflect on the fact that Hans Frank, the Gauleiter of Poland and a murderer of more than three million human beings was baptized in prison [Read More...]

Two Blind Sisters See for the First Time

Wrenchingly beautiful: Best part: You can help it happen again many, many times by helping to provide 20 million blind children and adults with a simple, inexpensive surgery that takes as little as 15 minutes and costs a paltry $300! Want to be part of the miracle of giving sight to the blind like Jesus? [Read More...]

Satan Pleads

I’ll do you one better, Old Scratch. I won’t bring anyone to this movie.  (Though I do eagerly await the Rifftrax version.) [Read more...]

Crowdsourcing Some Ideas from My Readers

A reader writes: Here in our small southern town, it is difficult for me to give my kids a strong sense of Catholic identity.  I do what I can at home, but the vast majority of their friends are Protestant – many anti-Catholic. My children are firmly Catholic, but they have no concept of what [Read More...]

Deep Thoughts from Lucy the Cuteness

“Ink is like pencil poop.”  [Read more...]

Non-parents have “better” lives according to worldly measures

…except for one thing: they aren’t as happy as people with kids.  File under “the last shall be first” and other gospel paradoxes. [Read more...]

St. Jerome, Scholar and Crabapple

A favorite poem about a favorite saint on his feast day: The Thunderer by Phyllis McGinley God’s angry man, His crotchety scholar, Was Saint Jerome, The great name-caller, Who cared not a dime For the laws of libel And in his spare time Translated the Bible. Quick to disparage All joys but learning, Jerome thought [Read More...]

Prayer Request and Possible Work of Mercy

A reader writes: PRAYER REQUEST FOR SERVICE DOG FOR DISABLED, POOR LADY: I have severe PTSD and my doctor wants me to have a service dog. Although there are several agencies that give trained service dogs to military veterans, there is nothing for other people who have seen a different kind of life-threatening battle, torture, [Read More...]

I’ll take it

It’s a start. Meanwhile, one of the side benefits of the Age of Francis is that hysterics among the Greatest Catholics of All Time are making it undeniably clear that Catholics do not worship the Pope. [Read more...]