Christians Doing Good

…to the stranger. If you are looking for Catholic ways to resist, here is a piece on it. [Read more…]

A good take on George MacDonald’s The Wise Woman

over at Crisis. MacDonald is a fascinating man.  C.S. Lewis said he never wrote a book that was not influenced by him.  He was raised in the Scottish Calvinist tradition, but deeply rejected it in favor of, well, Jesus.  He was never a Catholic, but was so deeply holy and good a man that an [Read More…]

Hey Olympia, Washington!

I’m speaking about marriage at St. Michael parish this evening at 7PM! Hope I’ll see you there! [Read more…]

Talking with Deacon Steven Greydanus at 5 PM Eastern…

…about “The Great Wall” and other bijou-related topics on Connecting the Dots. Listen live at the link and give us a call at 1-573-4BREAD4! [Read more…]

Yesterday Doug O’Brien and I chewed the fat…

…about our crazy political culture on Connecting the Dots: [Read more…]

Two Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Hi Mark, I just wanted to ask for some prayers. I’m waiting in a medical office to have tests done to find out if I have cancer, and I’m moderately scared out of my wits. I haven’t told anyone because I don’t want them to worry needlessly if it should prove to [Read More…]

The Tragedy of our Time…

…is that when a Democrat urges his fellow Democrats to learn from the Catholic Church and the teaching of the Holy Father, the Greatest Catholics of All Time now reflexively see that, not as a sign of hope for Democrats, but as an indictment of the Holy Father and the Church. That’s because the Trumpified [Read More…]

Undocumented woman with brain tumor removed from hospital

“She told us they tied her hands and ankles in her condition.” Today’s filth for “prolife” Trump defenders to defend instead of the gospel or the unborn. Or, you could just repent, stop defending this filth, and get back to your ostensible commitment to the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. [Read more…]

Sherry Weddell Passes on a Story to the Glory of God

Writeth she: Okay… so I have to share a cool story with you. A friend sent me this: I am currently living in South Africa as my husband is US Air Force working at the US Embassy in Pretoria. A couple of months ago, A friend contacted me to tell me that a Catholic missionary [Read More…]

On the air with Doug O’Brien today at 5 PM EST

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