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on Real Life Radio! Today, I’ll be on the air for an hour with my Friday co-host, Steven Greydanus, for another hour of fun and insightful film, TV, and pop culture analysis from a Catholic perspective. You can listen in on line here. And the shows are now available in podcast form here. Join the conversation! The [Read More...]

Lefties Who Bravely Face the Applause

Intellectual consistency is no problem when you’re determined to receive applause.Forced organ harvesting from prisoners is okey-fine, but heaven forfend a photographer be allowed to refuse business. That’s where Mr. Benioff draws the line. Again, to unthinking applause. – Dale Price Indiana passes a religious liberty act and a guy who has no problem doing [Read More...]

Behold the Rube Goldberg Passover Seder!!!

Awesomeness from the students of Technion in Israel: [Read more...]

NY House: Standing Tall for the Precious, Precious Right…

…to stab an unborn baby in the heart and inject it with poison. #whatAmericastandsfornow [Read more...]

Prayer Requests

Marcel Lejeune writes: An Aggie Catholic is in critical condition after a wreck and not expected to live. Please stop whatever you are doing and say a prayer. Thanks. Father, hear our prayer for this person’s complete healing in body, soul, and spirit or, if that is not your will, that they be granted the [Read More...]

Pope’s Sex Abuse Commission Alarmed by Chilean Bishop Appt.

I’ve defended Francis from a lot of guff from Chicken Littles in St. Blog’s (and will continue to). On this, however, I think he’s made a bad call. When your flock is staging mass protests to stop an episcopal appointment and there is, at the very least, good reason to think that his history is [Read More...]

House Passes Bill Prohibiting Expert Scientific Advice to the EPA

As the Party of Crazy marches on. [Read more...]

A defense of NFP in Commonweal

Not something you see every day. [Read more...]

“Prolifers” for Eugenics

Meet Arkansas GOP representative Kim Hammer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Counseling from Trinity College of the Bible. He has been a Baptist pastor since 1979 and chaplain of the Saline Memorial Hospice in Benton since 2006. He is a member of the First Baptist Church of Benton, Arkansas. Hammer has [Read More...]

Today’s Work of Mercy (click on the graphic)

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