Prayer Request

A reader writes: I am very ill with stage 4 ovarian cancer. I have been told that there is no more treatments available because my body is giving out. The reason it is giving out is that I fought and won breast cancer a few years ago. That didn’t leave me many options to fight [Read More…]

“This is an epic fail” – Charles Krauthammer

This is a major story in two ways. First, and most obvious, is the fact that it establishes that the GOP is the Party of Nihilist Incompetents in a massive way.  The Number One and Only Priority of these  life-denying crooks and liars has, for seven long years, been to destroy Obamacare and they have [Read More…]

Benedict’s Personal Secretary Is Not Happy

with the “Benedict Attacks Evil Pope Francis, Capsizer of the Church” narrative that is being promoted by the Francis-Haters at Lifesite and elsewhere: Responding to interpretations of a recent reference by emeritus Pope Benedict XVI to the Church being near “capsizing,” the retired pontiff’s closest aid on Tuesday said it’s a “fantasy” to set him [Read More…]

New Text Message Mass…

…all the rage at Gonzaga University. I love Eye of the Tiber. [Read more…]

I lost my parents

Dad in 1983 and Mom in 2014. If your Mom and/or Dad are still with you, tell them you love them today. PS. Anna Faris is from Edmonds, Washington. She grew up a good stretch of the legs from my house. Her husband, Chris Pratt, is from Lake Stevens, right up the road. Washingtonians rule! [Read more…]

State Department to Shutter Office…

…that focuses on investigation of war crimes. Just planning ahead: ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos [Read more…]

The 36th Annual American Chesterton Society Conference

is coming to Colorado Springs, Colorado July 27 – 29 on the campus of the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Speakers include (among others) Joseph Pearce, Fr. James Schall, David Mills (former editor of First Things), Christopher Check (President of Catholic Answers), author Regina Doman, Dale Ahlquist and Yr. Obdt. Svt. There’s still room so sign [Read More…]

GOPirates who can’t shoot straight…

…fail in their effort to loot the poor and despoil them of health care on behalf of the ultra-hyper-super rich. So this pack of crooks, liars, and vandals, having failed at their bogus repeal and replace Obamacare make clear that, vindictive enemies of the poor that they are, they will attempt to simply repeal it, [Read More…]

Reflect on how wonderful your life is…

…if the biggest problem you face right now is that the 13th Doctor is a woman. Then, enjoy this hilarious video: If that video makes you angry, consider cutting back on the caffeine. It’s just a show. [Read more…]

I feel affirmed in my okayness…

…Jonah Goldberg at the hard Left National Review re-says what I’ve been saying for months: that shouting “But Hillary!” has become the sole brain-dead response of the Trump defender and it is a lie and an intellectually vacuous rationale for supporting this transparent crook and liar. Also, Mona Charen stacks up actual facts against the [Read More…]