There is something seriously sick with the Church…

…when a bench of judges is scandalized by the merciless cruelty and lust for vengeance of an Administration whose loudest champions are self-proclaimed real Christians. I watched last week as one Christian after another on FB cheered for meting out draconian punishments to innocents who made minor blunder or broke trivial rules. When a judge [Read More…]

On the air with Deacon Steven Greydanus at 5 PM Eastern…

…on Connecting the Dots, talking about life at the movies.  Give us a call at 1-573-4BREAD4. [Read more…]

Bill Nye, Dimestore Eugenicist

An engineer in a lab coat posing as a philosopher does a pop sci show where he asks, “Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” The term for “extra kids” a few decades back was “nutzlose Fresser” or “useless eaters”. Curiously, those who go about deciding who [Read More…]

Yesterday, Rod Bennett and I…

talked about Rene Girard, scapegoating, and Merian C. Cooper, among many other things: [Read more…]

12 Years Ago Terri Schiavo Was Killed by Thirst

Food and water were re-defined as “extraordinary care” and she was denied them and left to die. Prolife Christians very understandably spoke out against this. Last year, a man named Terrill Thomas was being held in the jail of right wing culture war folk hero David Clarke. His jailers chose to cut off his water [Read More…]

Some years back I wrote a post on why we don’t have busts and statues of Hitler to remind us of the Holocaust

Here’s the piece: In Arlington National Cemetery a coalition of white businessmen from various southern states just put up a statue of Adolf Hitler on D-Day to commemorate his work in helping to create so many of the hallowed dead being honored there.  Some have objected to this controversial decision, but the businessmen have waved [Read More…]

A chance to help a family in Africa that really needs our help

Reader Dennis Donovan writes: Four kids who lost their father in January 2015 need to start the next school term in May. Also, a group of underprivileged children need to return to (and begin) public schools in May – the fees for public school are low by US standards, but there are fees nevertheless. The [Read More…]

Strange Bedfellows

Here’s a piece by a doctor arguing that doctors (who are, recall, sworn to “do no harm”) should be permitted to act as executioners. The logic of his argument is that if doctors don’t do it, then people less qualified may botch the execution, leading to the kind of agonies recently witnessed in the botched [Read More…]

On the air with Rod Bennett at 5 PM Eastern…

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Yesterday, we interviewed Aimee Christine Murphy…

…on Connecting the Dots and heard her powerful story about how a death threat from her rapist showed her the evil illogic of abortion: You can find out more about her work with a consistent ethic of non-violence and the sanctity of human life at Rehumanize International. [Read more…]