The Curt Jester Cracks Me Up [Read more...]

Andrew Sullivan as Hamlet Now that Sullivan has done what anybody with two brain cells could see was inevitable the moment the Bushies failed to lock into orbit around Planet Willie, this little bit of whimsy is especially fun to read. Sullivan’s phony agonies, when it was manifestly obvious from the start that he would [Read More...]

More Black Americans Sick of being Infantilized By the Left By the way, I think Ambra’s right about being a philosophical rather than an ideological conservative. Conservatives want to conserve. Yet, mysteriously, conservatives are often contemptuous of, for instance, conservation. Why? Because they are often enamored of a particular ideology. Of course, the Left is [Read More...]

Kerry is Furious, for He Knows His Time is Short [Read more...]

St. Michael, defend these children from evil May God intervene to keep more blood from being shed, through Jesus Christ our Lord. [Read more...]

Secret Agent Man on the USCC’s slapdown of Catholic Answers for their Failure to be the Democratic Party at Prayer “The Catholic Answers guide is a call to change the face of the American regime by an unswerving commitment to the dignity of human life. The USCC’s guide is a call for business as usual.” [Read More...]

And finally, a New Marzipan Answering Machine Pretty funny. [Read more...]

Teeny Tiny Girl Squad! Surreal humor from Homestarrunner. With surreal Easter eggs at the end. [Read more...]

The Latest StrongBad Email is Up! Anybody remember “Henry”? That was my icon for the completely unfunny cartoon. It was a complete mystery why it ran forever. Oh! Don’t forget to look for the Easter eggs at the end of the StrongBad email. [Read more...]

Another Chauvinist for the Goddess! I love how people who are gaga for the Divine Feminine call intelligent women who explode their fantasies “silly women”. They love Woman. It’s women they can’t stand. [Read more...]