Two Columns here and here from Georgie Anne Geyer. Geyer goes beyond the evidence, I think, to call Bush a liar (I think the Administration told itself what it very much wanted to believe). But on the whole, I think she’s worth paying attention to. A priest friend of mine puts it succinctly: “I don’t [Read More...]

Buchanan Continues to Point out Some Obvious Facts My bet: we’ll expand the war to Iran within two years of Bush’s victory. [Read more...]

Doug Wilson is an Upset Lollard Dominion Founded on Grace is a noble ideal, but as Chesterton observed, considered as a plan for disregarding the Irish policeman controlling the traffic in Picadilly, until we have discovered whether he has confessed recently to his Irish priest, it is wanting in actuality. I’m not especially interested in [Read More...]

Columnist Michael Coren experiences a profound conversion In this case, God used the Eucharist, the Blessed Mother, and a film formerly panned by Coren, The Passion of the Christ. [Read more...]

Another Religious Order Passes its Sell-By Date [Read more...]

Catholic=/=Jesus + Me [Read more...]

Here’s a hopeful sign in Iraq [Read more...]

What’s troubling, of course, is that such a law needed to be passed Luckily, God is on the side of the West and we are not subject to judgment like other nations. [Read more...]

Speaking of which… New Oxford Review (aka “Voice of the Pharisee”) has once again trained its gimlet eye on the American Catholic landscape. In a world riven by war, threatened by unprecedented evils in the form of apologists for sexual derangement, the manufacture and killing of innocent human beings, the rush to expand the war [Read More...]

Marc Zappala writes: I thought you might want to link to this article which argues against gay marriage from a Jungian perspective. The author himself (me) is gay, and I think it might give some of your other gay readers some food for thought. [Read more...]