Augustine Day by Day – August 21-24 Christian Heritage – August 25 – The Legacy of the Saints Augustine Day by Day – August 25 – Vocations in a Monastery [Read more...]

The shipping news FCA: Your one-stop source for my life, KTV, big fish, pot, journalism, porn, and the like! [Read more...]

Gone Till Monday Shea here. I’m going to be visiting our Great Neighbor to the North, Canada, starting in a couple of hours. For any readers in Alberta (which is like saying “any readers in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming”) I will be speaking tomorrow at St. John the Baptist Cathedral. McLennan, Alberta. Topics: Making [Read More...]

I’m not the only one One of my favorite bloggers, Screaming Writer, recently posted some thoughts on the unpredictability of writing and really got me thinking. The following is me thinking: The unpredictability of narrative. It’s uncanny. I’ve had it happen to me more than once. Inexplicably, a story moves out from under you with [Read More...]

Speaking of blogger vacations (Yes, it’s another long, introspective, narrative post from Elliot “Windbag” Bougis. Get the TV Guide, right? ) Strike while the iron is hot And when the days are slow. This is the week. It is the fall break before classes begin. This is the last vacation of note I’ll have until [Read More...]

Christian Heritage – August 21-24 Augustine Day by Day – August 21-24 – well, almost… [Read more...]

Back to vacation! I’m gonna go ride the Edmonds Ferry with my guys! A perfect rainy day adventure! Ciao! [Read more...]

Mark Steyn on the Imploding John Kerry Campaign Kerry’s *sole* major campaign point (aside from “I’m not George Bush”) is “I’m a War Hero”. He foolishly invoked the Iron Law of Political Karma by having his people insist on asking Bush “What did you you do in the war, Daddy?” Now, a great many people [Read More...]

Dawn Eden Fact Checks the NY Times Sorry Butt [Read more...]

Well, no. We haven’t actually found anything *useful* from embryonic stem cells… But there’s a boatload of money to be made Promise for Sufferers once we gin up the Media Machine to get people screaming for sacrificial embryos and keep them ignorant of cord blood as a source persuade the public to overcome their superstitious [Read More...]