When Oceanic Worms Attack Sunken Whale Carcasses! (The least popular volume in the “When _____ Attack!” series. Trust me.) [Read more...]


Neologism Alert! In the post below about genetically altered foods, I used the word “gengineered,” which keen readers might realize is not an “official” English word. In point of fact, it’s a word I, if I’m not mistaken, coined because I find it all too handy in discussing genetic engineering. Language is a highly pragmatic [Read More...]


China Beats up On Christians Fortunately, it’s just Christians. And besides, they’re Chinese. So who cares? There’s a lot more where they came from. [Read more...]


Literally avoiding the genetic fallacy Nibble With Caution (ScienceNOW — Stokstad 2004 (728): 3) Government agencies should evaluate the safety of new food crops based on what they contain rather how they were created, according to a report released yesterday by the National Academy of Sciences. Now, I’m sure this seems like yet another expensive [Read More...]


It’s a good thing Muslims Don’t Do This or It Would be a Crime the Cries Out to Heaven For Vengeance Fortunately, it’s us. So God doesn’t mind, because we are bringing the blessings of Imperial Autonomous Selfism to the world. [Read more...]


What Will you Bet Me that the Only People in Russia mortally opposed to this are… the Orthodox. [Read more...]


From a raving atheist (literally) In response to my recent “What’s behind the door?” joke, The Raving Atheist (TRA) left this comment: . . . or you could be an atheist for just one second and know the answer: NOTHING. My first impulse is just to say lighten up. It speaks volumes when you take [Read More...]


Sex: the most felicitous habit in history? “Black Men On Down Low Send Wrong Message” (Global Black News – 18 May 2004 – Wilanda Akil) In an attempt to stay edgy, newspapers and magazines are revealing stories on what they consider to be new to the black community: “Brothers on the Down Low or DL”. [Read More...]


Elliot here. Couple things: First, Mark and I appear to be blogging simultaneously. The trick, my dearies, is to guess who posts what! Second, I know it may be a bit of a hassle to click links here at CAEI to my FCA just to click the actual link there to some other page. But [Read More...]


Meanwhile, APA gets with the program and declares that there is nothing greater in the whole wide world than homosexual marriage, the source and summit of all that is best and brightest in the history of the human race. Greg Popcak talks about the APA going off its meds. [Read more...]