Terror in the Skies Denouement Turns out the 14 “Syrian musicians” were… well… Syrian musicians. Two ways of looking at this story. One is “Man, is Norm Mineta an idiot”. The other is “I’m sure glad the American flying public is as vigilant as all that cuz a hijacker would get the living crap beat [Read More...]


Gay Brownshirts on the March! [Read more...]


The Curt Jester is a Satirical Genius The guy needs his own column somewhere. [Read more...]


Of interest to Seattleites following the Politicians and Communion Controversy Listen to a repeat of Archbishop Alexander Brunett’s Monday Press Conference regarding Catholic Politicians & the Eucharist Daily at 4pm on Sacred Heart Radio KBLE AM-1050 In addition they will be airing a special, post conference interview between Ron Belter (Sacred Heart Radio) and Archbishop [Read More...]


Bp. Timlin feels things really really really strongly So there you are. Beyond feeling really really strongly, what else could anybody have reasonably expected him to do? That mean old lawyer is so *cruel* to talk as though he should have actually taken action about pervert priests. I mean, action is *exhausting*. All that paperwork. [Read More...]


Pee Porridge Hot, Pee Porridge Cold, Pee Porridge in the Pot Nine Days Old [Read more...]


When people stop believe in God… They’ll believe in anything. [Read more...]


Check out VaticanFriends.com The first international Catholic Friendship Community. The goal of this multi-lingual free website is to promote and strengthen friendship between catholics all over the world. [Read more...]


So What’s the Story Today? Nukes in Iraq or not? [Read more...]


If it’s good enough for Prince Vladimir and his horde of troops, it’s good enough for Texas [Read more...]