And now for today’s Contest! First, read this bit from the Spunkmeisters at CANN CHURCH-SPEAK that makes us twitch & reach for the air-sickness bag (and check our wallets & get out the Weasel-Word-o-meter): enriching, diversity, share, process, nurture, empower, listening, challenge, controversial, emotional, comfortable, issue, honor, situation, unity, process, divisiveness, values, dialogue, rich, disempower, [Read More...]

The Last Refuge of Scoundrels and Morons is the Argument… “Groups like ours will always exist” Okay. Groups like flat earthers and the Society for Valuing Pi at 4 will always exist. Murderers will always exist. Nutso racists will always exist. People who think William Shatner is a great actor exist. And therefore… what? They’re [Read More...]

Good Morning! It’s Day 3 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week Yesterday, you got to share *yummy* recipes, find out about kooky Bible-believing breast-feeding drivers and the men who think they own them, meditate with me on lackluster bishops and why they are so consoling, meet a Quaker defender of Catholics, and [Read More...]

Is it just me, or are we seeing more manifestations of episcopal spine? [Read more...]

Blessed with a Sad Sack Face and a Convincing Story to Match? You could be Big Media’s “Go To Gal” for the next carefully polished Tale O’Woe. Auditions will be held next Tuesday! The lucky winner will earn a coveted place in the Rolodexes of every major network! You’ll be featured again and again as [Read More...]

Scratch an atheist… find a Fundamentalist. So much ingenuity and cleverness for such stupid and uncomprehending results. It takes years of rigorous training to make yourself this dumb. [Read more...]

I mostly disagree, Rod Rod writes: This week, I spoke with a faithful young orthodox priest of my acquaintance, and he said, “I’ve decided I can’t pay attention to the bishops anymore. There’s too much work to be done to serve the Lord to worry about those men.” I think this is probably the only [Read More...]

Terrorists Capture, Kill, and Perform Hideous Experiments on 400,000 Americans! Oh, wait. That’s us and we’re the Good Guys. Well, at any rate, thank God the killing and experimentation on defenseless children is being done by freedom-loving Westerners and not those awful Islamicists who are the whole problem with the world. I’m glad it’s *us* [Read More...]

Attn: Fresno Area Self-Educators! Go here. Network. [Read more...]

I don’t especially need inspiring bishops I didn’t become a Catholic because I said, “Wow! Look at those bishops! Cool!” Indeed, as much as I love and admire the Holy Father, he mostly wasn’t on the mental radar when I became convinced the Church was the Church Christ founded. (Actually, other, lesser occupants of the [Read More...]

Waste Not, Want Not Those recipes are certainly tempting. [Read more...]

Ohio “Breast-Feeding While Driving” Case Just Got Weirder … as such cases are wont to do. Family has screwy “Bible-based” beliefs, natch. Something about resisting the encroachment of the Beast and a husband’s absolute and sole authority over his wife, blah blah blah. Translation: My wife and kid aren’t the property of the State! They’re [Read More...]