Benjamin Wiker on the Latest Pro-Baby Killing Machinations in the Judiciary “We’ll call the baby a….. body part! Yeah! That’s it! That’s the ticket! A body part! It’s just wild enough that the portion of the half of population with IQs below average will believe it and the clever ones who have sold their souls [Read More...]

More reverberations from Phoenix The first sentence of this column is a sentiment with which we can all heartily agree. [Read more...]

Barry Manilow Breaks Schnozz ….resulting in detectible shift in earth’s gravitational field. [Read more...]

On the other hand… Relapsed Catholic is dead right when she points out the stupidity of Christians invoking “hate crime” (aka “thought crime”) laws to try to quell the gay fascist brownshirt types. There are already laws on the books against these brownshirt tactics. All Christians accomplish by doing this is to lend legitimacy to [Read More...]

Sheesh! Next time I write about blogging, I’ll just copy the list of all Catholic blogs from Gerard Serafin’s page so nobody feels left out Again, the fact that I didn’t mention you doesn’t mean I have some animus against you. It just means I had a couple thousand words to try to convey something [Read More...]

Sean Gallagher has a nice post on Life and Blogging [Read more...]

Saw “Matrix Reloaded” Last Night Now *that* was gnostic. I’ll stick around for #3, but this one was pretty clearly arguing that the whole “Christ-myth” of the first movie was a lie planted by the Architect in order to [insert technobafflegab here]. Bottom line: Everything is about power and knowledge, not love. Of course, Neo [Read More...]

Speaking of Western Barbarism Here’s a chance to do something about Partial Birth Abortion. But you have to act today. U.S. House to Vote on Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act Help defeat the Hoyer-Greenwood “Phony Ban,” and help defeat media myths about Partial-Birth abortion! The House of Representatives will vote on the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act [Read More...]

Ireland: Isle of Saints and Scholars …oh, and of support for cloning. Ireland makes another move toward pissing away its Catholic heritage. Secularism: doing what Cromwell was powerless to do. Oh well, at least they are embracing healthy, normal western and American forms of barbarism, not Islamic barbarism. So that makes it okay. [Read more...]

Make your own Bollywood Movie Moment [Read more...]

Phoenix Phog Okay. Here’s the plea Bp. O’Brien copped. And here’s the deal he signed. Now here’s what he’s saying today. Can anybody make head or tail of this Clintonian parsing? As near as I can tell, he’s saying, “I reshuffled abusers and lied about it. I’ll admit that if you won’t send me to [Read More...]

Wick-ed! For more cartooning brilliance, check out Chris Muir’s “Day By Day“. [Read more...]