A reader has a puerile conniption fit… about me drawing attention to the increasingly evident inadequacy of condoms: Everyone knows that condoms work. Everyone. Only a very, very, very bad person would say otherwise. Mr. Shea, you are a very, very, very bad person. Because everyone knows what you are saying is wrong, and it [Read More...]


The one true voice of Orthodoxy? God, let us hope so. Ut unum sint! Joint Statement of Pope and Ecumenical Patriarch “We Have Continued the ‘Dialogue of Charity’” … 1. In the spirit of faith in Christ and of the reciprocal charity that unites us, we thank God for the gift of this our new [Read More...]


Freeze! Drop your weapon! Get down on the ground and give me a blood sample NOW! By raiding nature’s tool cabinet, researchers have developed a potentially faster and more practical version of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), itself a foundation of modern genetics. The breakthrough, called helicase-dependent amplification (HDA), could result in small, hand-held devices [Read More...]


Stop me if ya heard it before… “The Vatican is nothing but a decadent, man-centered palace of Romish worldly pleasures.” What’s worse, apparently the USA is to blame for the Plague of Papist Opulence! [Read more...]


On the other hand… Bush defends stance on WMDs Bush said the United States was “right to go into Iraq. America is safer today because we did,” he told a cheering crowd of supporters in Pennsylvania. “We removed a declared enemy of America, who had the capability of producing weapons of mass destruction, and could [Read More...]


On the one hand… Report slams CIA for Iraq intelligence failures Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, told reporters that intelligence used to support the invasion of Iraq was based on assessments that were “unreasonable and largely unsupported by the available intelligence.” … “Before the war, the U.S. intelligence community told the president as well as [Read More...]


And the AmChurch thought it had a bad priest shortage… [Read more...]


Pope Fails to Confirm Liberal Worst Nightmare: Rice Gospel Proselytizing [Read more...]


Attack of the Monkey Mind Machines! [Read more...]


But how do we know she didn’t “launder” this money, hmmm? [Read more...]