The Most Profound and Moving Thing I’ve Ever Seen on the Web Kudos to Fr. Bryce Sibley for finding this life-changing site. [Read more...]

More Solid Catechetical Materials Courtesy of the Web [Read more...]

Available Only On Catholic and Enjoying It! Where else can you find a thread of conversation between one reader trying to prove that JPII “worships strange gods” and another trying to argue that the Quran is basically a Catholic book? Of course, they’re both wrong, but at least my readers are utterly original. If you [Read More...]

A reader sends a complaint, but I don’t agree Wolfowitz admits: Iraq war was about oil Oil was the main reason for military action against Iraq, according to U.S. deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz, confirming the worst fears of those opposed to the US-led war. Pretty blunt about it, too. Asked why a nuclear power [Read More...]

A reader sends along this review of Philip Jenkins’ book “The New Anti-Catholicism” and remarks: Commonweal editor Paul Baumann argues that the Church’s denial of religious freedom was the principal source of Protestant enmity toward Catholics in this country, claiming “‘Error has no rights’ was the Catholic position until the Second Vatican Council”. I find [Read More...]

House votes to ban PBA Yay! Forces of evil take one on the chin. [Read more...]

Big Stink about some Catholic Convert who Apparently Ripped off Tyco and Gave the Money to Various Catholic Causes (subscription required) I’m not sure why this is supposed to cast a shadow on the people who were beneficiaries of this guy’s largesse. Do I have to send a quiz to everybody who donates to my [Read More...]

Speaking of Quran Kissing… Here’s another sample of what some would call a Vaticanisti practicing “Spirit of Vatican II” compromise of the Faith. This was recently written to a Muslim Big Shot: “We and you must show in a special way to the other nations an example of this charity, for we believe and confess [Read More...]

Ecclesiats Don’t Just Stonewall about Child Abuse …they also deceive about “Catholic” colleges. Let the Great Enema of 2002 continue! [Read more...]

Benjamin Wiker on the Latest Pro-Baby Killing Machinations in the Judiciary “We’ll call the baby a….. body part! Yeah! That’s it! That’s the ticket! A body part! It’s just wild enough that the portion of the half of population with IQs below average will believe it and the clever ones who have sold their souls [Read More...]

More reverberations from Phoenix The first sentence of this column is a sentiment with which we can all heartily agree. [Read more...]

Barry Manilow Breaks Schnozz ….resulting in detectible shift in earth’s gravitational field. [Read more...]