So fun to torment humorless liberal fascists Q: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? A: THAT’S NOT FUNNY! I AM OUTRAGED! OUTRAGED!!!!! [Read more...]

Well *that’s* a relief! We’ve found 2000 tons of WMDs at last! Oh. Wait. [Read more...]

Speaking of the whole “The problem is that Catholics are too docile to Authority” thing… Chris K. responds to a stupid post in one of Amy’s comments boxes: After all the discussion over this past year and all the background articles about parishioners defending an offending priest pastor I was kind of amazed by this [Read More...]

This article helpfully kills two birds with one stone It makes the case for homeschooling better than a thousand blogs from me and… It demonstrates once again that there just might be a problem in the culture of heavily Catholic Massachusetts that extends beyond a corrupt nucleus of ecclesiats. Naw! Nothing here that suggests that [Read More...]

Latest research from the best moral theologian money can buy! Heresy once again begins in the groin… and the wallet. Maybe the guy will do another paper on Matthew 6:24 and 1 Timothy 6:10. [Read more...]

“Whew! The Times Shot Itself in the Foot. So We Don’t Look Like Stonewalling Screwups as Much” It’s not *that* complex Monsignor. Bishops lied to parents and victims and protected abusers for years. They should have the decency to volunteer to take an early retirement and go away (if the Pope is willing to let [Read More...]

Very good interview with Fr. Paul Shaughnessy He’s the guy who wrote the “The Gay Priest Problem” for Catholic World Report, prophesying our present Troubles a year before the Scandal. [Read more...]

A reader writes: I agree with your assessment of the Iraq war and its aftermath. We went to war because conservatives decided that “the ends justify the means” — the very same thing that liberals are typically accused of doing. A very good article is on this page: In my opinion, we have no one [Read More...]

Glad we Have Modern Science to Figure These Things Out In other news, Modern Science has figured out that the sky is blue and grass is green. [Read more...]

“Although it looks premeditated, it doesn’t look like it was an act of terrorism.” Uh-huh. Like the guy who shot up an El Al ticket counter on July 4th, and whose room was plastered with Quran verses wasn’t a terrorist. When they instantly say that, my first thought is, for some reason, “The guy was [Read More...]

Clerics Fill Void With De Facto Courts, While Moving Against Western Influences Um, are those “western influences” they are moving against things like pluralism, the dignity of the human person (especially women), and freedom or are they things like “democracy, whiskey, sexy”? In Islamic countries, it’s often hard for them to distinguish the one group [Read More...]

I hope Congress responds to his suggestion by saying “You better put some ice on that.” [Read more...]