Bp. O’Brien of Phoenix Arrested for Fatal Hit and Run [Read more...]


You know you’ve really arrived when people devote whole blogs just to refuting you Andrew Sullivan has really arrived. Welcome to the stratosphere, Andrew. Someone once devoted a blog to refuting me waaaaaay back when. However, they were obviously won over by the sheer depth, sanity, and gosh darn it! *saintliness* of Me. Otherwise why [Read More...]


Any Bostonians out there who can help her? A reader writes: I’m familiar with your blog and am wondering if you know of any blogs written by faithful Catholics living in the Boston area. I ask because I may have to relocate to that area within the next few years. (I am getting married, and [Read More...]


Attn: Boston Globe Readers (and editors)! Lane Core asks an *excellent* question. [Read more...]


A reader writes On the comments board debating about intelligent design, what bothered me about the anti-intelligent design arguments suddenly crystallized. Good Old Charlie said that calling for direct creation where evolution would be suitable for the task was not “kosher” scientific thinking. He also said that it looks like ID is a religious theory. [Read More...]


Strange New Turn in the Fortunes of Bp. O’Brien [Read more...]


Leahy (D – Planned Parenthood) to Bush: “Let’s not fight. You just surrender and we’ll call it ‘bipartisan’” “Oh, and Catholics Need Not Apply”, adds modern day Know Nothing Senator. [Read more...]


Scrappleface reports on new Louisville Offertory envelopes [Read more...]


I’m taking over the world! First, Boston. Now, Poland! W Drodze publishes my article, “Something something-sorry-I-don’t-know-what-because-my-translator-didn’t-tell-me” in Polish. You three Polish speakers in my audience, phone your neighbors and wake the kids! [Read more...]


Screwtape explains it all for you! Greg Krehbiel marvels Call me a sexist. Call me a Neanderthal. I really don’t care. But in my opinion, the last thing the Catholic Church needs right now is a push to get women more involved in the parish, which is what the American bishops are doing. (I have [Read More...]


Clericalism in the Name of a Liberated Church Read this little tale of numbskullery at Mass. What’s so annoying about this is that the priests no doubt view themselves as “takin’ it to the streets”, “givin’ the Mass back to the People” and all those other slang phrases which involve takin’ the letter “g” off [Read More...]


Mayor Keating of Potemkinville* Resigning Head of Toothless Meaningless National Review Board bagged after complaining about ecclesial stonewalling. Mahony explains, “I never meant for them to actually *do* anything!” Keating, to be sure, was a loose cannon given to pinheaded statements urging laity to not go to Mass. But then, the bishops picked him, didn’t [Read More...]