This smells like the work of an Orthodox (or ex-Orthodox) Christian The sheer contempt for those funny little Protestants, quite apart from the political disagreement, bleeds through. I note as well that he confidently prophesied a “quagmire” in Afghanistan a year ago, so I’m less than inclined to buy his analysis. It’s true that Evangelicalism [Read More...]

Hint, hint Just got this in the mail: “Send Me the Best Writing You Have Seen” Best Catholic Writing, 2004 I am writing to invite you to nominate material for inclusion in The Best Catholic Writing, 2004. Loyola Press will be publishing this collection in the Fall of 2004. Right now, we are making a [Read More...]

“Lord, when did I see you in prison?” “Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these, you did it to me.” The guy’s a living illustration of why Catholics don’t jump the gun in deciding who will get into heaven. The sheep do not know they are profoundly worshipping Christ in the parable, [Read More...]

I’ll take it with a grain of salt I’ve seen other equally confident datings of the Crucifixion from other sources. So I remain agnostic. [Read more...]

Dale Price is a Master of Compressed Prose Scroll down to “Coals to Newcastle” [Read more...]

Salam Pax’s Blog is Going to Wind up in a History Book To my great relief, he is back on the air with massive chronicle of his experience of Gulf War II in Baghdad. I was afraid the BBC had managed to get him killed by publishing too much info about him and exposing him [Read More...]

“Frankly, no newspaper in the world is set up to monitor for cheats and fabricators.” That’s Howell Raines, the Beeg Cheese of the NY Times, explaining why Jayson Blair, affirmative action poster boy and plagiarizing reporter, got away with a Reign of Error, Plagiarism and Bogus Stories before finally being canned. (Hey Rod! You looking [Read More...]

Gerry Powers Gets a Lot of Conservative Undies in a Bunch …but I don’t see the big deal. From the Midwest Conservative Journal, to View from the Core, to Relapsed Catholic, to Dom Bettinelli’s blog, I’m seeing cries of outrage over this guy. But I’m afraid I don’t get it. Here’s the relevant text: Post [Read More...]

Civil Unrest at Envoy Rumor has it that there was some sort of coup attempt at Envoy’s blog last night. Pete Vere sent me a note reading: Dear Comrade Shea, How goes the revolution on HMS Blog? Just a quick email to report that I have been successful in leading the Revolution at Envoy Encore! [Read More...]

“Ministry changes name to Campus Jihad for Christ” One of many great stories in the delightful new online Christian satire site: I used to write for the Door (“the world’s pretty much only Christian satire magazine”) and these guys out-Door the Door. Hilarious! [Read more...]

A reader asks about Near Death Experiences I realize this subject has the potential to drift into “new age mysticism” but my questions are serious and I hope I can convey that. I have read a little on this subject and seen a couple of talk-style TV shows about it. Two things I’ve learned have [Read More...]

The Juvenilization of Black America Continues For some reason, infantile Blacks like the Dad of the Williams Sisters (the tennis gals) can indulge in paranoid rants about racism as the Explanation of Everything and still be taken seriously by the press and still get a huge hearing from lots of other infantilized blacks who are [Read More...]