Bedwetting, Cosmopolitan, Pacifist, Anti-American Christians Oppose Torture [Read more...]

Good Morning! It’s Day 7 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week Supporting yer emphatically lower middle class scribe as he tries to do his apostolic thang is a good work. So make this pledge drive go out with a real bang! Of course, you can still buy my books and tapes too. [Read More...]

Any takers? Got this in the mail today: You’re probably busy so I’ll make this quick. This is Marc Zappala, former blogger at “Transcendence” which you were kind enough to advertise on your site some time ago. In addition to my blog I had compiled (rather artistically, I might add) the most comprehensive list of [Read More...]

Techno-sapiens (only I’m not sure about the “sapiens” part) [Read more...]

Mercy Continues to be the Most Scandalous Christian Teaching in the World [Read more...]

Sounds like a future judge for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals [Read more...]

Evil Party Candidate Want to Kill More Kids A reader writes: Is there now any doubt that Kerry not simply passively acquieses to, but actively and directly promotes destruction of innocent human beings — and would implicate all of us in doing so though the use of taxpayer funds? Whether one can or should vote [Read More...]

Christians: The Canaries in the Iraqi Coal Mine Not a problem. It’s just Christians. Who cares what happens to them. [Read more...]

Religious Left Stamps Tiny Feet in Impotent Rage “We are relevant! We are, we are, we are!” [Read more...]

I don’t get where the “threat” is? What does the diocese owe these guys? [Read more...]