My friend replies to the comments … on his note down below: It seems to me that the conversation is going well on the blog. I thought I might make a contribution or two… First of all, I agree with Pavel sto procent – part of leadership (and as a sovereign people our kind of [Read More...]

A Catholic Response to Desecration of the Eucharist [Read more...]

David Brooks on Why the Godless Party Candidate is Such a Turnoff He’s perfectly right, of course. First Things gets it too. The Dem leadership, alas for them, does not get it. They were never comfy with Clinton’s overt religiosity and their heart has always been with cold-fish secularism that keeps far away from the [Read More...]

Wonderful Story of Courage in the Face of Abortion Fanaticism You gotta read this. I like this entry, not only for the story itself, but because it gives some perspective on why I think the question of abortion is more pressing than the question of the war (which is also, IMO, very pressing). [Read more...]

White House, Pentagon to release interrogation memos Good. This is a reassuring move. [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens is So Fun to Read Some Days When he’s not insane, he’s the guy you want to take down a bloviating fool like Michael Moore. [Read more...]

Radical Islam: the Enemy of the Human Race Conversion, capture or death is the only solution. I will pray for the first, but I will pray for our troops to find and either capture or kill these guys too. Trust God and keep your powder dry. [Read more...]

Gay Marriage is Now on First Base Polygamy is at bat (and this story shows exactly how the appeals for it will be made. [Read more...]

Rad Trads: Venerating the Traditional Teaching of the Church–Till It’s Inconvenient Chris Ferrara’s co-author accused of Social Modernism and heresy over rejection of Catholic Social Teaching (including that of pre-VII popes) in favor of Liberal (libertarian) economics. Woods fires back here. [Read more...]

St. Thomas More on Kerry and Communion [Read more...]