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Note to Catholics: Here’s How a Significant Portion of Bush’s Political Base (and, Who Knows, Perhaps Bush) is Reading Current Events I don’t buy this End Time Prognosticating myself, any more than I buy Jewish attempts to reconsecrate the Temple or Find the Perfect Red Heifer or whatever. However, lots of people *do* buy these [Read More...]


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Vampirism as Church Reform Now I’m seeing the suggestion that if we Americans are too screwed up to put forward good candidates for bishop, we should just demand that candidates from elsewhere be imported to the States by Rome. Um, why are we so special that we get to rob other countries of good bishops [Read More...]


Today’s update on Al Kresta Just got this: Al suffered from Necrotizing Fasciitis. This is a strep Group A Bacteria. It is very aggressive. It attacks the soft tissue. It can infect as much as an inch an hour. Amputation is the common reaction to this bacteria. We do not know specifically the source of [Read More...]


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