Interesting Thesis: I would add that secularism also has sinless Suffering Saviors who bear the sins of the world (AIDS victims [think "Tom Hanks in 'Philadelphia'], various approved victim groups, etc.) It is also in possession of demons, of course (Christians, both Evangelical and orthodox Catholic, aka “fundamentalists’; “intolerant” people; Nazi (aka “anybody whose conservative [Read More...]

Cerebral Actress Thinks Deep It turns out it’s okay to poke fun at (somebody else’s) most sacred beliefs. Oh, and she’s experienced the depths of human suffering too: One part of the movie that did bother her was the scene in which she fires a gun at a shooting range. Malone says she was hit [Read More...]

An unsolicited testimonial I finally got around to reading By What Authority? and found it a simply amazing little book. First class work, solidly-reasoned and well written. Best wishes. Tom Reeves Reeves, in case you don’t know, is a convert and the author of The Empty Church: Does Organized Religion Matter Anymore?, America’s Bishop: The [Read More...]

Dangeresque! The Director’s Digitally Enhanced Cut! aka, the latest StrongBad email! [Read more...]

Just to be clear… Signing your comment “anonymous” is just your way of saying “Please delete my comment”. [Read more...]

Dale Price Cracks Me Up [Read more...]

More on the attempt by godless philosophers to concoct justifications for human rights Step right this way and watch the amazing sleight of hand tricks by Rawls and Rorty! The hand is quicker than the eye! They steal from the Judeo-Christian tradition you never notice it! [Read more...]

At Bat: Gay Marriage On Deck: Polygamy Third at Bat: What’s So Bad about Sex with Children? [Read more...]

The DMN has begun its series chronicling the adventures of various priests and Church officials… running a sort of worldwide ratline to get perverts from hot water point A to unsuspecting point B. They’ll be running this multi-part series for the next several days. The stories themselves are much like the other stories we’ve heard: [Read More...]

A dear friend writes: I’ve been glancing at material on your blog and on the whole, I realize that I have a moral obligation to try eventually (certainly before November) to sort out this torture thing. I do have some basic epistemological issues – first of all, the sources of some of this information are [Read More...]