Academic Dolts Try to Find a Basis for Human Rights Without God That is, with the right hand. With the left hand, they’ve been busy for years busily arguing that the only reality is power. Here’s the real story: The notion of human rights is mystical. Academic hand-wringing about colonialism, sexism, and all the rest [Read More...]

Look Like Kerry’s Got the Narcissist Vote Sewn Up A reader writes: Saw these four bumper stickers on the back of a pick-up truck in Dallas today: HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE HUMANITY IS A VIRUS ADOPT A PET JOHN KERRY ’04 [Read more...]

These Guys can Really Benefit from our Prayers It’s a tough life. [Read more...]

I’ve been told repeatedly that if I opposed the war in Iraq then I *must* favor Saddam’s brutality Therefore, should I assume that our lack of interest in the Sudan means that we *must* favor the genocide there? [Read more...]

Remote Catholic Community Maintains Faith Without Priest For 50 Years [Read more...]

Michael Newdow, Apotheosis of Baby Boomer Self-Absorption “All parents-absent a finding of true harm-should have an absolute right to 50 percent custody of their children. Such a system-stripped of incentives to battle for more-would largely eliminate the harms just noted. Sure, there will be some inconvenience to the children. But children are inconvenienced all the [Read More...]

Be Sure to Praise ‘em When They Do Good A reader writes: Okay, this one is a good thing. Earlier this year the Cardinal Newman Society named my alma mater, La Salle University (Philadelphia) in their report on the Culture of Death at Catholic colleges. Seems the La Salle university Women’s Studies web site had [Read More...]

The perceptive Dawn Eden notes: “Gay culture encourages men to be shallow, beauty-obsessed, and polygamous. Hey, I didn’t say it. Andrew Sullivan did.” [Read more...]

Dan Darling, a Warblogger I Respect, writes: Several of your readers expressed interest in my take on the recently-released statement by the 9/11 commission. I’m not sure how interested you are in the nuts and bolts aspect of this kind of stuff, but I just figured I’d throw this your way to show you just [Read More...]

Doomsday, No. Heaven on Earth, Si! A reader sez: About your Doomsday Scenario that you sketched on Thursday. Your ideas do seem more clear than any of the Hal Lindsey etc scenarios. But. I shall stay with that aspect of the Book of Revelation Dr. Scott Hahn wrote about in his work: “The Lamb’s Supper.” [Read More...]