Meanwhile, here’s something to ponder All of creation exists, according to Catholic teaching, for the sake of the Church, since the Church is one with its Lord and all things exist for his sake (Colossians 1:15-20). What happens if we really order our lives and our politics as though that is a statement about reality [Read More...]

Don’t Stand So Close To Me Just a thought: do proponents of war really *want* the leader of the Christian world saying “Go for it!” to the Bushies? Doncha kinda think that would corroborate everything the Foaming Bronze Age Fanatic Advertising department has been saying about “Crusaders”? I wonder if the Bushies aren’t secretly rather [Read More...]

Another rather sensible argument from Novak Any point-by-point rebuttals out there? I really wanna know. [Read more...]

Meditation on the Passion of Christ [Read more...]

Paradoxes Abound Neumayr describes people who defend Saddam and oppose Bush as victims of Stockholm Syndrome. I use the same term to describe people who think the way to heal the Church is to jettison even more of the Apostolic Tradition. Yet, paradoxically, the Pope (a custodian of the Tradition) opposes Bush and defends Iraq. [Read More...]

Another Lay Catholic Trying to do Moral Navigation in a Time of Puzzling Messages from Rome Yes, I know *that* Rome disapproves of war. Everybody knows that. What I don’t fully grasp is why. The arguments for war seem rather persuasive and simply replying “Yes, but Rome disagrees” is not much help. I’m willing to [Read More...]

Everybody Gets to Meet with the Pope But Me And, of course, as we all know whenever the Pope meets with somebody it means he endorses whatever they think 100%. That’s why I want to meet with him. It will mean I have the divine stamp of approval on everything I think and do. [Read more...]

Hey! All you fans of Celtic Rock n Roll on the Eastern Seaboard Once you get dug out from the snow, you┬╣re gonna need a Ceili Rain show!! FEBRUARY Thurs 20- Worcester, MA- Holy Cross College- Kimball Theatre (508)793-3487 Fri 21- Ocean City, NJ- Philadelphia Diocesan Youth Rally Ocean City Music Pier, Boardwalk Moorlyn Terrace [Read More...]

Tariq Aziz is as Catholic as Bill Clinton is Baptist or Rasputin is Orthodox [Read more...]

The Sisters of Weasel at Mercy High Reinstate the Lunch with Granholm Turns out a former Sister of Weasel (Agnes Mansour) had a choice once upon a time between remaining a Sister or quitting her order to go help facilitate access to abortion by working for the Michigan state government. In the best tradition of [Read More...]

Just to show how utterly out of touch I am I never saw “Joe Millionaire”. I don’t care who, if anyone, won or got picked or whatever. The whole premise sounds incredibly debasing to me. [Read more...]

Haloscan sez: Everything should be resolved by “Tuesday at the latest”. Of course, that could mean “in the next 60 seconds” or “by 11:59 PM Remotest Pacific Ocean Time”. Anyway, patience is appreciated! [Read more...]