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Great Big Heapin’ Gobs o’Thanks! Due entirely to the generosity of CAEI readers, a portion of our various and manifold bills will be able to be paid again this month and, on behalf of me, the Missus, her root canal, and all the Shealings, thanks from the bottom our our collective heart. We sincerely appreciate [Read More...]

The Sons of Light are Kinda Dim In addition to it being intrinsically evil whether it ever comes home to roost with me and mine, I think it’s not only sinister but, (in the long run) suicidal for Christians, of all people, to be handing Caesar the electrodes and rubber hoses and saying, “We trust [Read More...]

A reader writes: The Confraternity of Penitents is a worldwide private Catholic Association of the Faithful headquartered in the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, USA, with the permission of Bishop Robert Mulvee. The Confraternity’s Rule of Life has been reviewed by the Diocese of Providence and deemed acceptable to be lived by the laity in [Read More...]

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