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American Willingness to Die for Liberty Morphs Into American Willingness to Kill–One’s Child, a “Burdensome” Parent, Even Oneself–for Prideful Autonomy Further answers to Buchanan’s question. [Read more...]

Because of the warm public welcome from Cardinal Roger Mahony, our LA members desided not to wear the Rainbow Sash to the Cardinal’s Cathedral. Instead they wanted to express their support of his pastorial approach by not wearing the Sash. In short, LA was spared for the same reason Hitler did not feel a need [Read More...]

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ACTION BY AMERICANS UNITED IS ANTI-CATHOLIC BIGOTRY STATEMENT BY REV. MR. KEITH A. FOURNIER FOUNDER OF THE COMMON GOOD MOVEMENT: For: Immediate Release. June 1, 2004, 757-963-5747 In an act of blatant anti-Catholic bigotry, Barry Lynn of the Advocacy group “Americans United for the Separation of Church and State” has asked the Internal Revenue Service [Read More...]

Things Appear to be Going Well in Fallujah So that’s something. [Read more...]

Religious Bigot Betrays Fundraiser It’s okay though. It was just Christians. Methodists don’t beat people to death with axes for their small-minded insults to their faith. [Read more...]

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