The Christian Fellowship of Blood

It makes no difference whether the victims are Catholic, Copt, Orthodox or Protestant. Their blood is one and the same in their confession of Christ. – Pope Francis [Read more...]

A Lion in the American Church

Fr. Robert Barron on the Death of Cardinal George: Cardinal Francis George, who died last week at the age of 78, was obviously a man of enormous accomplishment and influence. He was a Cardinal of the Roman Church, a past president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Archbishop of one of the [Read More...]

The Military is Where Our Ruling Class Gets to Experiment

…on its social engineering theories and do what it (so far) lacks a free hand to do with civilians–punish them for ungoodthink as it is punishing this Navy SEAL chaplain for believing what Christianity teaches. In Canada, the “Tolerance is not enough. You MUST approve” mentality is a bit further along with punishing Christian civilians [Read More...]

This is Inspiring and Hilarious

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Troubled by an Overabundance of Friends?

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Japan: Land of the Wearable Banana Watch

Because it’s Japan. [Read more...]

Two pieces at the Register…

From Friday, a look at how critics of the Church are so eager to contradict her that they do not mind contradicting themselves in the process. And, for today, a little look at the question of swearing and vulgarity. [Read more...]

Luckily, this kind of police corruption has never ever happened…

…with capital crimes, resulting in innocent people going to death row. Oh, wait! Commitment to the death penalty, at the end of the day, means “Better the innocent should be murdered by the state than mercy be shown to the guilty.”  On this day when we remember that Jesus Christ has conquered death, let us [Read More...]

Melting Ice Caps Expose Hundreds of Secret Arctic Lairs

…not to mention my secret portal to the Hollow Earth from whence was to issue my Special Surprise for an unsuspecting humanity. Great. Just great. This is really going to screw up my timeline for world domination. [Read more...]

Artoo in Love

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