Prayer Request

A reader writes: Please ask God to not let me lose my job. I’ve fallen behind and need assistance being lifted up, to excel at my skills, and to do my job well. I pray for help. I don’t want to lose my job. I’m at fault, but ask God not only his pardon, but [Read More...]

#lovewince: Our Chattering Class and Incest Apologias get right to work publishing this “daring” apologia for Daddy/Daughter incest. And, given the murky sexual libertarianism of SCOTUS, there is absolutely no argument beyond “EW!” to prevent trampling down this taboo like all the others. When consent is the sole criterion of the good, who the hell are you to burden two (or [Read More...]

Had a good chat with Steve Greydanus last Friday

…on “Connecting the Dots”.  Check it out: [Read more...]

A good piece on the Inklings in the Chronicle of Higher Education

here. It is an interest fact that great intellectual and cultural movements often began with bands of people united by the particular form of love called friendship. The Inklings are one such movement. The English Romantics another. Dominic and Francis are another. And the most revolutionary and (at the very least) culture-building band of friends [Read More...]

The Glory of Kings and the Killing of Cats

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

Prayer Requests

Wenatchee is on the other side of the Cascades from Seattle, about a hundred miles from here.   It’s a very dry area that, ironically, sits on the Columbia.  We have several dear friends who live there, so please pray that God our Father send rain and turn the winds away from the town through [Read More...]

My Proposal for Monster Island’s New National Anthem

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Sore winner makes clear that for an awful lot of the #lovewins crowd, this is not about love. It’s about vengeance. We’ll see how Love plays out in the New Normal. I hope this guy turns out to be an outlier (and note with some hope that, for all his spite, he does not speak [Read More...]

Thoughts After a Conversation with Dr. Robert P. George

So last week, Dr. Robert George contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in doing an interview/conversation about Laudato Si.  That sounded great to me, so I sat down and read through it slowly (resulting in a ton of live-blogging about it last week, which you may have noticed).  Yesterday we had our conversation [Read More...]

What Gay “Marriage” Does…

…is clarify yet again that, in the West, it is enshrined in law that the rights of children (that is to say, the weak) are completely unconnected to the rights of adults (that is, the strong).  Roe vs. Wade, of course, made that crystal clear, as did Casey.  And the *real* bullet to the brain [Read More...]