Have I mentioned how much I am coming to hate Blogger? It is getting to be impossible to post anything! [Read more...]


Everything in the Gay Christian Community is Juuuuuust Fiiiiiine No. Really. The article does clear up, however, the strange habit that so many in the Arts Elite crowd have of peeing in the faces of ordinary people: Monday, July 3, 2000, in the church hall was a workshop on “watersports.” Watersports, for those of you [Read More...]


Curious story on Thomas Kinkade art What strikes me (once again) is the curious need of the Art Elite Crowd to pee in the faces of ordinary people. Fine. So Kinkade is not Great Art. What is helped by the juvenile who has to stick tanks, snipers, and naked women (not nudes, naked women) into [Read More...]


Chinese Champions of “Choice”. [Read more...]


A painful, faithful, honest report from a wounded Catholic who knows that for many, “orthodoxy” simply means “talking a good game” God be with you, David. [Read more...]


The Cheapness of Granola Conservatism A reader (who re-lapsed back to Catholicism partially through Tolkien, the Distributivists and the Caelum et Terra folks) writes from across the Pond: I have been bulk-buying organic grains/beans/etc, buying my veg through an organic box scheme, buying organic meat in bulk and freezing it, cooking almost entirely from scratch [Read More...]


The Martyrdom of St. Me by Reginald Cawcutt “I came from a very simple horse racing family and was not given to academics like many others. I tried to be close to all of God’s people -and certainly no one prepared me to face the intrigues of people who misjudge and those who cannot see [Read More...]


Rod wants to know if it’s really true that a Catholic can marry a Wiccan Yep. As our pals Greg Popcak and Pete Vere make clear, from the Church’s perspective it’s just another mixed marriage provided the canonical ducks are in a row. It is worth noting that St. Monica was married to a pagan [Read More...]


More Good News! AwRIGHT! Good news for all you visiting Stimpsonites who like good books, for all you earthy crunchy conservative Dreherites who believe eating is supposed to be splendid and not merely “nutritional”, and for all you Catholic theological types. Heck! This is good news for anybody who likes to eat. Robert Farrar Capon’s [Read More...]


Why Michael Rose Gives Me the Willies Yesterday A Saintly Salmagundi (a blog I heartily recommend, by the by) published yet another tirade by Rose against yet another article critical of Goodbye, Good Men. (For some reason, the piece is now gone from the site). What bothers me and sets off my alarm beepers is [Read More...]


Mark Cameron is Back! After a month-long hiatus from blogging, he’s posted several magna opera on same sex marriages in Ontario, the coming same sex schism in the Anglican Church, and is nominating German economist Wilhelm Roepke as a poster child for Rod Dreher’s “granola conservatives.” [Read more...]


To Those Two People Emily Stimpson Mentioned I say What I say to All Don’t forget my other gripping books and tapes! And if you want a terrific speaker who will make you learn about the Faith when you just thought you were laughing, then consider my wife’s husband. (Shameless plug mode off) [Read more...]