Chris Lansdown is confused about Papal Infallibility and Ex Cathedra statements He writes: I have written a few posts on the topic of contraception (totaling about 4,000 words) and have been contemplating it for a while. The upshot is that I cannot accept any of the arguments against contraception which I have yet seen, and [Read More...]

How Not to “Defend” the Pope Readers of my blog will know that, though I agree with Rod about the greatness of JPII, I disagree with him about what the Pope is up to and think that he is attempting a risky medicine in keeping the bad bishops where they are to suffer the consequence [Read More...]

New Blog! [Read more...]

ACLU Sues Itself Over Question of Origins Not as funny as Victor Lams, but still pretty funny. [Read more...]

I’m sure this sort of thing happens constantly It’s stories like this that make me want to be a “spokesman” when I grow up. What other line of work is there where you’d get to say, “We’re still looking for either a naked man with huge eyes or an emu”? [Read more...]

This is cool! A look at Babette’s Feast (what?! You’ve never seen it? Get it from Amazon right here!) in light of the thought of Josef Pieper. (What? You’ve never read Pieper? 20th Century lay German Thomist. Man! Is he good. Try his Leisure: The Basis of Culture for starters.) [Read more...]

Final arguments in Johansen vs. Dreher [Read more...]

Welcome to Corkscrew’s Religion Chatroom! [Read more...]

I’m outta here again! August means short weeks, long weekends. This time we’re out the door to Washington Park near Anacortes, on the beeyootiful shores of Puget Sound. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we’re having more fun. While I’m gone remember: you kids don’t put no beans up your noses. And it’s never [Read More...]

Doug Sirman responds… to my puzzled question about why so many Protestants are fascinated with the internal workings of a communion to which they don’t belong. Doug (a Protestant himself, though with Romish leanings) writes: Good question. Frankly, I believe that many prots see the Roman Catholic Church as “Mother Church” even if they won’t [Read More...]

Integrity ponders the response of St. Blog’s to Rod Dreher’s piece As far as “polarization” goes, I think part of it is due to the fact that, at the end of the day, none of us can (humanly speaking) do anything to change anything. So we turn to talking to each other and from there, [Read More...]

A PSA from Fr. Paul Hartmann For those of you who might be interested, no matter where you are, next Monday morning from 7am to 8am CDT, Archbishop-elect Timothy Dolan will be doing an hour long, radio interview (open to callers). He has done this sort of thing twice before and it is quite exciting. [Read More...]