The 36th Annual American Chesterton Society Conference

is coming to Colorado Springs, Colorado July 27 – 29 on the campus of the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Speakers include (among others) Joseph Pearce, Fr. James Schall, David Mills (former editor of First Things), Christopher Check (President of Catholic Answers), author Regina Doman, Dale Ahlquist and Yr. Obdt. Svt. There’s still room so sign [Read More…]

GOPirates who can’t shoot straight…

…fail in their effort to loot the poor and despoil them of health care on behalf of the ultra-hyper-super rich. So this pack of crooks, liars, and vandals, having failed at their bogus repeal and replace Obamacare make clear that, vindictive enemies of the poor that they are, they will attempt to simply repeal it, [Read More…]

Reflect on how wonderful your life is…

…if the biggest problem you face right now is that the 13th Doctor is a woman. Then, enjoy this hilarious video: If that video makes you angry, consider cutting back on the caffeine. It’s just a show. [Read more…]

I feel affirmed in my okayness…

…Jonah Goldberg at the hard Left National Review re-says what I’ve been saying for months: that shouting “But Hillary!” has become the sole brain-dead response of the Trump defender and it is a lie and an intellectually vacuous rationale for supporting this transparent crook and liar. Also, Mona Charen stacks up actual facts against the [Read More…]

What Pope Benedict XVI Actually Said

A word of greeting from Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, on the occasion of the funeral Mass of Cardinal Joachim Meisner, on 15th July 2017 In this hour, when the Church of Cologne and believers further afield take their leave of Cardinal Joachim Meissner, I am with them in my heart and thoughts and am pleased to [Read More…]

The Great Contradiction of the Prolife Right

A consistent life ethic simply has to mean support for a social safety net for poor mothers.  But the great commitment of the prolife right to a libertarian economic vision that is guaranteed to actively punish poor women makes certain that abortion rates will climb if it is enacted.  Because Libertarianism is, at bottom, the [Read More…]

Desperate Prayer Request

A reader writes: Please pray for my family. My husband has lost his job. All of our savings were put into that small business. So we basically have nothing to fall back on. My husband was considered to be a contractor with the company that laid him off, so he will not be getting a [Read More…]

Jim Carrey sounds like somebody who has experienced anguish and grace

God bless him as he tries to follow the light Christ sends him. His theology is not perfect, no. But he seem to me to be somebody who is at Openness to Christ (to use Weddellian Spiritual Threshold language). How much better this is than so much of the radical selfishness and power worship that [Read More…]

Hilarious, but also significant

That a major corporation is willing to put its logo on a criticism of this oaf’s swinish behavior is a rather remarkable bit of corporate courage. [Read more…]

Much freakoutery today

in St. Blog’s about that Civilta Cattolica piece critiquing Church Militant and pointing out the absurdity of the “Trump=Constantine/Hillary=Diocletian” blather of the Greatest Catholics of All Time. It’s a perfectly sensible analysis of the special dumbness of trying to making *this* guy God’s Anointed in the War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of [Read More…]