Japan: Land of the Wearable Banana Watch

Because it’s Japan. [Read more...]

Two pieces at the Register…

From Friday, a look at how critics of the Church are so eager to contradict her that they do not mind contradicting themselves in the process. And, for today, a little look at the question of swearing and vulgarity. [Read more...]

Luckily, this kind of police corruption has never ever happened…

…with capital crimes, resulting in innocent people going to death row. Oh, wait! Commitment to the death penalty, at the end of the day, means “Better the innocent should be murdered by the state than mercy be shown to the guilty.”  On this day when we remember that Jesus Christ has conquered death, let us [Read More...]

Melting Ice Caps Expose Hundreds of Secret Arctic Lairs

…not to mention my secret portal to the Hollow Earth from whence was to issue my Special Surprise for an unsuspecting humanity. Great. Just great. This is really going to screw up my timeline for world domination. [Read more...]

Artoo in Love

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Prayer Request

A reader writes: I¹m reaching out again to ask for prayers for my husband¹s job situation. He got a job in another town last October, living away from home during the week. A couple of months ago he got an offer close to home, quit the job he had, then the job here fell through. [Read More...]

Prayer request and work of mercy for a family of 9 facing tragedy

The Rogan family were on the way to the hospital to deliver their son, Blaise, when the car struck a deer and Mike, the father, was killed. The other children wound up in the hospital (they are okay) and Niki gave birth. She now faces widowhood with only Mike’s minimal life insurance policy to sustain [Read More...]

A new film about the Jews whom the Vatican hid…

…in cloisters during WWII.  Cuz Pius was totally “Hitler’s Pope” and stuff. [Read more...]

Pretty much

In related news, Florida Man demands power to spy on you–forever.  Because the Surveillance State is only bad when Obama is running it. [Read more...]

The Shroud of Turin…

…not a painting, not a scorch, not a photograph. That’s cuz it’s the real thing. Challenge to Skeptics: If it’s medieval forgery made by and for primitive suckers then get with the program. We live in the 21st century. There’s nothing technological a medieval could do that we can’t do ten times better and faster. [Read More...]