Jeb Bush Says that, Knowing What He Knows Now, He Would Have Launched the Iraq War

Laura Ingraham responds: “There has to be something wrong with you.” W is Jeb’s chief Middle East expert, according to Jeb. The all-out Republican effort to elect Hillary Clinton proceeds apace. [Read more...]

The Ransom of Red Chief, Christian Edition

Kidnapper releases kid who won’t stop singing gospel song. I missed this when it happened, but it’s never to late to celebrate! [Read more...]

Questions about the Betrayal by Judas

A reader writes: I’ve been reading the gospel narratives of the Last Supper tonight, and an ongoing confusion with a part of the story has resurfaced. I thought maybe you, and your scriptural book smarts, might be able to rescue me from this quandary. In all the gospels, Jesus tells his disciples that one of [Read More...]

Some recommendations for basic apologetics materials

A reader writes: I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that, while you and I disagree vigorously about capital punishment, I appreciate very much your apologetic writings. For instance, I’m sending this one to a friend that I’m particularly frustrated by, since I seem unable to articulate a “meta” argument, instead getting caught [Read More...]

Fr. Barron on the Avengers and Whedonesque Nietzscheanism

I think he’s spot on. What’s fascinating to me is how Whedon’s philosophy is locked in struggle with his art. His muse is often wiser than his head. So he imposes on his stories his vision of a Manichaean universe in which good and evil forever at way with no hope of truly transcending that [Read More...]

Peripheral Visions and Other Poetic Perceptions

…is a new volume of poetry by reader Bruce Newman.  Check out this lovely work! [Read more...]

John Oliver on the Brutal Schizophrenia of Our System Regarding Motherhood

Families are precious, and we will punish you if you believe what we are saying right now. Money first. Mothers and children last. Especially impressive is the demonstration, yet again, that movement conservative economic dogmas, like Marxism, don’t work in reality, but are flawless in theory. [Read more...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: A little something I would like you to pass on to your readers if you wouldn’t mind. I am still so grateful to everyone who helped with prayers and financial help last year when we made that distress move. We are moving again, and while things are tight I am grateful to [Read More...]

Why the Church Distinguishes between Mortal and Venial Sin, Part II

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

NFL Declares Seahawks the True Spiritual Winners of the 2015 Super Bowl!!!

New England Patriots blotted from the memory of all decent people in shame. [Read more...]