He writes:I’d appreciate it if you could ask your readers for prayers regarding my state of soon-to-be-unemployed-ness.Directing them to my blog and my Etsy store wouldn’t hurt, either.I’m always hopeful and optimistic, and I rest in the providence of God… but I’m still a bit apprehensive. I believe prayer works, and if they can just add this intention to their prayer list (along with a special intention for the healing of your blog format… heh) I’d be very deeply grateful.Lord,… Read more

Beware of falling UFO debris. Read more

Various Takes On the Controversy Around St. Blog’sMe, I think the Pope is valiant in his attempts to heal the schism, and that Williamson basically incarnates the very ugliest and most repellent features of reactionary dissent, including arrogant pride, bizarre conspiracy theories, and the all-too-common phenomenon of Jew hatred. I wish I could say I didn’t think so, but I’m just about willing to bet that this gesture of reconciliation which is costing the Pope (and the Church) a huge… Read more

She’s apparently unaware that we already do. It works like this: God is just, wise, good and loving and creates us all in his image and likeness. Some people admit this and try to be just, wise, loving and good out of love for him. Some people admit this and try to be just, wise, loving and good out of fear of him. Some people do not admit this and try to be just, wise, loving and good out of… Read more

Over at HuffPo, a spokesman for the Obama Administration defends the policy of funding and encouraging abortion by claiming that higher abortion rates have reduced crime and kept us all safer. Of course, no right-thinking American would so much as suggest that this is self-serving consequentialist BS from the Obama Minister of Propaganda.Oh! Wait! I’m sorry! I meant to write this:Over at NRO, a spokesman for the Bush Administration defends the policy of torturing and abusing prisoners by claiming that… Read more

A reader writes:Thank you for your prayers –about a month ago, I asked for them for an OB/GYN who was considering changing her practice to totally pro-life, non-contraceptive. She is doing it! The letter to her patients goes out soon.Please pray for her, because as you know the going will not be not easy, and in the eyes of the world, of course, her timing is ludicrous. (FOCA,anyone??!!)We must, must continue to pray for our physicians and their conversions, and… Read more

A chance to help right a wrong. Read more

A reader writes:So I’m reading the usual Global warming hysterics on the NPR website and I click on the comment section to see a responsible, educated and environmentally conscious person of the left write the following:David Williams (DW_558) wrote:Even such a seemigly wise idea as population reduction, be it by mass suicide, mass genocide or “natural selection” is unlikely to be sufficient, given the runanaway population of humans on this planet. Even if a few BILLION people died, there would… Read more

Chris Johnson writes:With the Episcopalians, you eventually reach a certain point where the jokes CAN’T come anymore.The most hilarious part is that an Episcopalian priest who has become an ordained Buddhist actually vows himself to a moral standard that is far closer to Christian morality than to Episcopalian libertinism. Read more

Obama Takes Over Second Role in Blessed Trinity, Assumes Duties of Holy Spirit. Read more

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