Couple Adopts Eight SiblingsAnother example of the hidden grace that utterly permeates the world and goes almost unnoticed by the so-called news media in its quest to shock, titillate and sell beer and shampoo. For every story like this, there 50 gazillion Brangelina and Jen or Culture of Death tales. But this sort of thing is really what’s normal: quiet people doing good things and operating totally under the radar. That’s where God is typically hiding.AS kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies… Read more

Student Auctions off Virginity for 3.7 million bucksYoung slave of soulless post-Christian capitalist culture chirps:”I know that a lot of people will condemn me for this because it’s so taboo but I really don’t have a problem with that. “My study is completely authentic in that I truly am auctioning my virginity but I am not being sold into this. I’m not being taken advantage of in any way.The perfect slave is the one who is so deeply enslaved she… Read more

Unpopular OpinionsOn Christmas night we were present in spirit at Bethlehem and were alas forced to note that the Holy Land, where the Redeemer was born, is still, through man’s fault, a land of fire and blood. No one can remain indifferent to the injustice of which the Palestinian people have been victims for more than fifty years. No one can contest the right of the Israeli people to live in security. But neither can anyone forget the innocent victims… Read more

Reader Cantorboy asks for prayer…for his teeny tiny grandson Jack, who is a preemie and who needs his lung to develop so he can get off the respirator.Prayer Warriors! Get in there and start slugging!Father, hear our prayer for Jack, grant strength and life to his body, soul, and spirit and cause his lungs to develop as they should. Grant skill to his doctors and caregivers and peace and strength to his family. We ask this through our Lord Jesus,… Read more

Church Calls for International Intervention in GazaEnd this! Read more

Why Pray at All?In which we answer the musical question, “Why Pray at All?” Read more

Dawn Eden Could Use Your Help Fighting the Good Fight Read more

Canadian Missionaries Who Were Beaten and Gang-Raped Forgive Their AttackersTwo genuinely heroic and beautiful souls, surrounded by leftist fat dumb and happy Canadian Huns and Visigoths whose ugly response to their charity only serves to show how badly Canada needs the gospel. Read more

For any other Advocates of Genocide in my ComboxesDo recall that at least some of the people you will be slaughtering down to the last infant will be members of the Church. The Church herself has a markedly different approach here. Try shutting up and learning from it. Read more

The Nation Breathlessly Discovers that…not only did Jesus never exist and he was simultaneously married to Mary Magdalene, he was also gay!Of course, Morton Smith was exposed as a fraud. But since it’s just blaspheming Jesus, it doesn’t matter.I tingle with anticipation for when some genius at the Nation has the intestinal fortitude to invent a lie that Mohammed was gay. Read more

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