Abolish the Damn Death Penalty

Arizona act of human sacrifice to pagan god of vengeance takes two hours to kill victim.¬†Advanced civilizations of Communist China, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Saudi Arabia send telegram to Governor: “Congratulations! ¬†You’re one of us!” This is a pro-life issue. [Read more...]

CA Judge declares death penalty unconstitutional

Another step toward the abolition of the death penalty, which is also a prolife issue if, like the Church, you practice a preferential option for life and ask not “When do we get to kill and harm?” but “How can we limit killing and harming to only those times when it is absolutely necessary?” My [Read More...]

Don’t worry. There are tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos at the end

Oh, and some of the language is not safe for work: [Read more...]

Poor Ramesh Ponnuru

He made the mistake of suggesting to conservative enthusiasts for the culture of death that we should not kill people if we don’t have to. One might as well develop Tourette’s Syndrome in Church in some sectors of conservative thought, where the question is intensely focused “When do we *get* to kill people?” The death [Read More...]

Well done, Ramesh Ponnuru!

This is Why We Shouldn’t be Executioners Always happy to hear another consistent pro-life voice out there! [Read more...]

Barbaric Execution Fails to Kill Man…

in a neat, clean and tidy way though it does eventually kill him. Nobody cares that it kills him. Everybody upset that it was not neat, clean and tidy since that’s the sort of thing our barbaric culture of death cares about. [Read more...]

Abolish the Death Penalty

Listen to the bishops and the past three popes. It’s time the US stopped competing with China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and similar savage despotism for Most Backward Nation status on this question. And before you begin with the standard dissents from the clear and obvious and common sense teaching of the [Read More...]

Tomorrow, We Are Going to Vengefully Slaughter…

…this man. Because our barbaric legal system, on par with such enlightened societies as Saudi Arabia, Red China, Iraq, and North Korea demands it. The weirdness of a Christianity that says to the penitent sinner “Off with his head” is breathtaking. Equally weird is the mercilessness that says, “But how do we know he is [Read More...]

Oklahoma Pharmacy Won’t Provide Drugs for Execution

Good for them. The job of medicine is to heal, not kill. Part of the perversion of our culture of death is that we lie to ourselves by surrounding killing with a neat, clean aesthetic. To do that, we take the one profession whose job is to save lives and order it to do our [Read More...]

Iran Hangs 40 in Two Weeks

American death penalty zealots burn with envy as America allows barbarians to widen the slaughter gap. They fret that we are falling behind Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Communist China and similar beacons of civilization in our will to kill our own citizens on a swift and efficient basis. In other news, Annie Dookhan has been [Read More...]

Question and Prayer Request

A reader writes: First, the request (and its backstory)… It’s possible this story managed to make it’s way to other parts of the country (I actually have no idea where you’re based) but here in Anniston, Alabama two years ago a police officer named Justin Sollohub was shot by a young man he was pursuing [Read More...]

Why Trust the State with the Power to Kill You?

One of the core contradictions in the Thing That Used to be Conservatism is that curious way in which, long after it has abandoned any faith whatsoever in the ability of the state to manage a health care system or a post office, it still maintains a rock solid belief that the state should be [Read More...]