Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! to the Great State of Nebraska…

…for outlawing the death penalty and then overriding the veto of the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife Catholic governor for whom the teaching of the Church is not as important as the conservative will to keep the US in the company of such enlightened regimes as Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, China, and North Korea. My prayer is that [Read More...]

Luckily, this kind of police corruption has never ever happened…

…with capital crimes, resulting in innocent people going to death row. Oh, wait! Commitment to the death penalty, at the end of the day, means “Better the innocent should be murdered by the state than mercy be shown to the guilty.”  On this day when we remember that Jesus Christ has conquered death, let us [Read More...]

The Holy See Reaffirms its Opposition to the Death Penalty

Holy Church is speaking.  Let us listen not merely when it accessorizes our ideology, but as a matter of habit and especially when it challenges our ideology. We do not really want a religion that is right where we are right. What we want is a religion that is right where we are wrong. – [Read More...]

Russell Saltzman on the Lust for Vengeance

in his essay “I Wanted That Kid Dead“: I don’t ever remember such personal outrage as I felt watching that smirking kid in court. My feelings were primeval, primitive, and raw. That’s why I oppose the death penalty, not because killers don’t deserve it, but because in some way its application is intended to assuage [Read More...]

Biblemetrics vs. the Gospel

Tom Kreitzberg writes about the strangely Protestant sola scriptura approach even many Catholics take to trying to “prove” the Magisterium wrong about the death penalty: As others have pointed out, the Bible has examples of both severity — someone commits a capital crime, and is then executed — and clemency – someone commits a capital [Read More...]

Christopher Tollefson argues that the death penalty is indefensible

…and indeed intrinsically wrong. Before jerking the knee, hear him out. [Read more...]

A reader argues with a Bible Only Christian about the Death Penalty

He writes: I am having a little bit of a comment debate with an acquaintance over he death penalty. He is an evangelical christian and believes God is very much for it citing the Noahic Covenant, Jesus affirming Pilate’s right to kill him the Mosaic Law etc. He is not a catholic, so he would [Read More...]

The FCC, net neutrality, prudential judgment, the death penalty, and Luke 16:10-12

Permit me some wide-ranging musings, beginning with the relatively (in the cosmic scheme of salvation) small potatoes question of net neutrality. Let’s be clear. Net neutrality is a good thing: It is, in a word, what we’ve always had. The only people who opposed it were people bent on making your life and mine miserable [Read More...]

Only one demographic rejects the Church’s teaching about the death penalty

…but it’s totally not about race or anything and if you notice that it is you are “playing the race card”. The Death Penalty: Because the Magisterium is incompetent to teach about faith and morals when American white conservative sacred cows are involved. [Read more...]

St. Augustine Once Again Shows He was Not a Real American Catholic

Not only did he reject lying for a good cause, he also was not nearly as eager to kill bad guys as he should have been. A reader writes: I’d like to recommend this short letter by St Augustine. It’s regarding non-Catholics who have been convicted of harming and even murdering Catholics, including priests. St. [Read More...]