Yesterday, Sherry Antonetti and I talked about the Death Penalty…

…and development of doctrine, in light of Scripture and the Sunday gospel: [Read more…]

Gov. Rick Scott, Good Christian Member of the Right Wing Culture of Death…

removes state attorney for failing to be sufficiently full of bloodlust. He’s “prolife”, doncha know. I know. I know. “Abortion is intrinsically immoral and the death penalty isn’t.” So what? The teaching of the Church is that unless you absolutely have to kill somebody, don’t do it. It is not, “If you can possibly find [Read More…]

A true witness for life

Slain priest begs for mercy for his killer. Love my faith! [Read more…]

Spare Dylann Roof

The Church says we should only execute people if we absolutely have to. The consistent prolife thing to do is to therefore listen to the Church, not battle her, and agree that Dylann Roof’s life be spared. Respect for Ta-Nehisi Coates, who has every reason to hate the man, but who makes the argument for [Read More…]

Happy News! The Death Penalty is Close…

…to being euthanized. [Read more…]

“I spent 28 years on death row”

Powerful story. I’ve never had an apology, but I forgave those involved in my conviction long before I left prison. I didn’t forgive them so they can sleep well at night. I did it so I can. You can’t send anybody to hell by refusing to forgive them.  You can only keep yourself in hell [Read More…]

These People Embody the Spirit of Christ

Be more prolife, not less. End abortion. Abolish the death penalty. Stop trying to fix everything with violence and death. [Read more…]

A reader involved in state government writes about the death penalty

Been following your death penalty stuff as limited time allows, and I found your latest post interesting. My opening caveat is that, given my current position, some pretty horrendous crimes cross my desk and I’ve been at the table when justice officials were making decisions about whether to seek the death penalty in specific cases. [Read More…]

Had an Interesting Conversation with Robert P. George…

…about my recent contretemps with Dr. Edward Feser about the death penalty (see here and here). Dr. George writes: In fact, the Church can and has changed its teaching on the death penalty, and it can and does (now) teach that it is intrinsically wrong (not merely prudentially inadvisable). Both John Paul II in Evangelium [Read More…]

Matthew Tyson on Killing

He does what I should have done and situates the Church’s teaching on the death penalty in the context of the rest of its teaching on the fifth commandment in the Catechism, making clear that the approach is always “how can we avoid killing if at all humanly possible” and never “when do we get [Read More…]