Rejoice Death Penalty Zealots!

Nidal Hassan has been sentenced to death! And as we all know, the Church is completely wrong to oppose the death penalty and can be blown off by recourse to that beloved “prudential judgment” thing. So American “prolife” conservatives can relish deadly vengeance justice and still go on talking about the “sanctity of life for [Read More...]

Pope Calls for Abolition of Death Penalty

Cue invocation of magic words “prudential judgment” (right wing code for “Ignore the old fool” just as “primacy of conscience” is left wing code for the same thing when he talks about artificial contraception) in 3….2….1. [Read more...]

The Death Penalty as Euthanasia

As I have noted previously, there is the actual teaching of the Church on the death penalty, and then there are two basic ways of trying to distort and ignore it.  Progressives try to say that the DP is just as immoral as abortion.  Meanwhile, reactionaries try lots of different strategies to blow off the [Read More...]

Bloodthirsty Prolifers

Robbie George makes a fine case for mercy for Kermit Gosnell.  Mercy, some of us recall, is for people who do not deserve it, not for people who do.  So, of course, allegedly Christian prolifers immediately toss Christ’s teaching to the winds in George’s comboxes and call for death, death, death and more death.  Lots [Read More...]

Our Savage, Backward, and Brutal Intellectual Allies

Meanwhile, Holy Mother Church urges us to use the death penalty as rarely as possible the last three popes and the bishops of the world call for its abolition. [Read more...]

American Death Penalty Advocates: Behold Your Moral Kinsmen Abroad

They have a problem: Saudi Arabia may stop beheadings over shortage of swordsmen Saudi Arabia is considering halting beheadings in favor of firing squads, as officials report the government is running out of swordsmen to carry out executions. A joint Saudi committee made up of representatives from the interior, justice and health departments is deliberating [Read More...]

The Executioner…

…who became a death penalty opponent. When the Church says, “Don’t do it” and the Pope calls for its abolition and you look around and find such backward despotisms as Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, and North Korea as your closest intellectual allies on the matter, it’s time to put the death penalty to bed. [Read more...]

The Incoherent Witness of “Pro-Life” Death Penalty Maximalism

is summed up by this cartoon: Yeah.  I get it.  The Courts are contradicting themselves.  But here’s the thing.  The *other* subtext of this cartoon is that the kid on the left *should* be put to death.    Cuz he is (how does Rush Limbaugh refer to such people?  Oh yeah, “human debris”).  So we have [Read More...]

The Reason I’m Not in a Huge Sweat about Immigrants

is a) because I’m not delusional and I know nobody really has any intention of deporting 12 million people who are essential to our economy and b) I don’t see strong pro-family Catholics who are largely here to make it as previous waves of immigrants have done as a big problem for America.  That they [Read More...]