Just because something is not a binding dogma…

…does not mean it is a good idea, including the death penalty. So yeah the Church cannot reverse its teaching on the death penalty and say that what is not intrinsically immoral is intrinsically immoral. So what? It can still say that it is unnecessary and need not be done. And it does, in fact, [Read More…]

Jeff Wood didn’t kill anybody, but Texas wants to kill him anyway

He’s been on death row for 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit, but the state of Texas wants to execute him on August 24 nonetheless. When you support the death penalty, you commit yourself to the proposition that you support the cold-blooded murder of innocent people, since the Innocence Project has show that [Read More…]

Dems Get Out Ahead of their Leader…

…and call for an end to the death penalty Clinton favors. It will be interesting to see if Clinton, our strongest Republican candidate capitulates to her party and does the right thing or if she sticks with her husband’s strategy of offering human sacrifices to the Right Wing Culture of Death (you know, the one [Read More…]

The death penalty fosters revenge, not justice

…says Pope Francis. He’s perfectly right of course. When the pope speaks from his years of experience as a pastor about such matters, he tends to be met by laptop theoreticians who much prefer diagrams about “retributive justice” derived from years of reading abstractions in manuals somewhere. It reminds me of a conversation I once [Read More…]

SCOTUS Reverses Death Penalty Decision

Another prolife victory! Excellent! [Read more…]

Excellent! A fight to abolish the death penalty led by conservatives

Colby Coash can point to the moment his evolution in thinking about the death penalty began. It was Sept. 3, 1994, and Coash — now a conservative senator in the Nebraska legislature but then a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln — decided to go with some friends to the state penitentiary. Willie Otey, convicted [Read More…]

Kristine Franklin Interviews Rachel Muha in a powerful episode of “Mercy Unwrapped”

Kristine writes: Rachel Muha, whose college-age son was kidnapped, brutally tormented, and murdered. Rachel’s testimony to God’s grace in helping her to forgive, even to the point of recommending AGAINST the death penalty and in fact lobbying against it for the men who killed her son, is breath-taking. In a world where vengeance is a [Read More…]

If death penalty returns…

…Filipino bishop volunteers to die.. “But he’s innocent,” says the death penalty zealot. So what? You’ve never had a problem with all the other innocent people (roughly four percent) who have been executed in your lust for blood. Why should you care about this one? Once you commit to battling the Church to maintain the [Read More…]

Saudi Arabia: Our Allies in Truly *Christian* Death Penalty Zeal

One of the many excuses many conservative American Catholics make for blowing off the Church’s teaching about the death penalty and the call of the last three popes to abolish it is the Good Thief Argument. Briefly, it goes like this: The inspired word of God tells us that the death penalty is just when [Read More…]

Prayer Request from Texas

A reader writes: My wonderful state just sentenced another killer to the death penalty. This one is a disturbed young man (18 at the time he killed) who was adopted from abusive parents in the Philippines and has mental issues. He murdered an elderly man about a mile from my house. Please pray for all [Read More…]