The Limits of Planned Parenthood’s Storytelling

A typically perceptive essay from Leah Libresco Sargeant. [Read more…]

Kaine Lost

He lost in terms of performance–an irritating, interrupting yip dog–and he lost in terms of substance. Here’s the deal, Pence’s job was, among other things, to lie to voters about Trump’s record: That last quote about punishing post-abortive women was one of five positions Trump took in three days last spring as he dithered in [Read More…]


If someone believes that an unborn baby is “not a human being” or “not a person,” he or she is gravely mistaken, but his or her advocacy of legal abortion and its public funding is at least coherent and understandable. What is not coherent or understandable is the position of people like Tim Kaine and [Read More…]

Had an interesting conversation with a friend about prolife utopianism

It started with a comment from a reader who said: And do any of you really think than just banning abortion will stop it? I do not get the anti abortion movement…they are anything but pro-life. The ecomomic quagmire that Trump and the GOP would create will cause more children to die…infanticide, abandoment and abuse [Read More…]

Looks like Kaine still supports the Hyde Amendment

So that’s good news.  It will be interesting to see what they do now that the work of appealing to the gung ho pro-aborts in the base is over and they have to tack back to the center which a) doesn’t like abortion and b) doesn’t want to do anything about it. Remember 2008, when [Read More…]

Why I’m not Voting for Hillary

…in a single story. But you have said you would vote for her if you lived in a swing state. Correct. Because, as I have said a thousand times, I agree with Cardinal Ratzinger that, “When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favour of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate [Read More…]

Now let us sing of the glories of dismembering babies!

The DNC devotes itself to their obsessive love of this monstrous evil, thereby laboring yet again to turn away millions of people who would otherwise listen to much of the rest of what they have to say. #GreatBlindSpot People ask me how I can believe in such superstitious nonsense as a “spiritual stronghold” or “powers [Read More…]

Cecile Richards Stand on Alton Sterling’s Corpse to Plug PP

I stand with the people of #BatonRogue in calling for justice for #AltonSterling. We must work to ensure #POC are safe & have #ReproJustice — Cecile Richards (@CecileRichards) July 6, 2016 It’s no secret I find the use of the unborn as human shields for conservative “prolife” culture of death talking points repulsive. But just [Read More…]

Abortion: A triumph of misogyny

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SCOTUS Small Hit and Big Miss

In the “Hit” department, SCOTUS upholds common sense and defeats Gun Cult by ruling that domestic abusers cannot possess guns (duh). In the “Miss” department, the Court overrules common sense and battles to make the US safe for Kermit Gosnell by ruling that abortuaries for poor women can be crappy dumps. Because it’s just poor [Read More…]