NY House: Standing Tall for the Precious, Precious Right…

…to stab an unborn baby in the heart and inject it with poison. #whatAmericastandsfornow [Read more...]

Dems to Slaves

“Yeah, slavery is bad… I guess.  But abortion is even more important.” [Read more...]

Most Pro-Aborts, Like Most Prolife People, Are Squishy…

They hold their views tentatively, sympathetic to hard cases on the other side. Most prolifers are reluctant to tell victims of rape and incest that they should not abort. About 20% are intellectually consistent, as distinct from sentiment, prolifers. Conversely, most pro-aborts want to tell themselves the “safe, legal, and rare” lie whereby they maintain [Read More...]

NOW Prez: Abortion prevents infant mortality

No. She really said that. In other news, black is white, freedom is slavery, lies are truth, and Lee Harvey Oswald prevented JFK’s death from Alzheimer’s. [Read more...]

One Wonders What Actually Occurs in the Pro-Abort Brain

“I would have died for my aborted daughter’s right to choose”. But instead she killed her and made sure she never got to exercise that right. This is what postmoderns regard as “self-sacrifice” these days. Insane. [Read more...]

Dear Pro-Abortion Zealots

This is why people can’t stand you. In your own repulsive and appalling way, you are some of the best friends the pro-life movement has and you do more to persuade people on the fence of your inhuman hatred of children, and of their inalienable right to life than all the abstract arguments in the world. [Read More...]

Dear Abortion Activists…

This is why people hate you: Woman gives birth to a baby who only survives 10 hours.  Abortion activists call her “selfish”.   Vile. [Read more...]

The Foggy Mysticism of Pro-Choice Rhetoric

I’m told that Christians hate science and go for mystical mumbo jumbo. But when the topic turns to abortion, it’s fascinating that prochoice rhetoric instantly turns to blather about the “mystery” of when human life begins and what human life is: all that stuff that is just so far above Obama’s pay grade that he [Read More...]

When you make excuses for evil while pretending you aren’t

…you eventually just go ahead, drop the pretense, and embrace evil with both arms: Money quote: “All life is not equal. That’s a difficult thing for liberals like me to talk about, lest we wind up looking like death-panel-loving, kill-your-grandma-and-your-precious-baby storm troopers.” Well…. yes?   [Read more...]

Eyeroll of the Day

Julian Bond sez right to abortion same as right to eat at lunch counter. I’m thinking Alveda King doesn’t buy that bushwah. [Read more...]