The people who protested the insanity of “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it” during the Vietnam era

…have become all that they once hated. Consequentialism does that to you. [Read more...]

Woman Films Her Abortion…

…to help the sisterhood see how “cool” it is. Lizzie Scalia does a compassionate autopsy on the heart wounded by this lie. [Read more...]

The War on Women Continues….

…as Leroy Carhart sends the seventh casualty in two years to the hospital after botching yet another abortion. To quote Anthony Kennedy, the mystic who decided Carhart’s slaughter should continue: “At the heart of liberty is the ability to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe and of the mystery of [Read More...]

Dear UN…

United Nations Calls Catholic Church’s Pro-Life Teachings “Promoting Torture” Thanks for being God’s gift to every supporter of torture in the Church. From here on in, anytime somebody says “torture is wrong” torture supporters will be able to cry “Oh, I suppose you are one of those UN buffoons who thinks opposition to abortion is [Read More...]

The Inimitable Marc Barnes…

looks at a video made by the most un-self-aware pro-aborts on planet earth: His diagnosis: the “creepiest shit you’ve ever seen“. Read the rest. It’s great. Never stop evil when it is destroying itself. The loud and clear message here is that abortion was a huge triumph–for the human male pigdog. Good job, pro-aborts. The [Read More...]

A reader puzzles about Ron Paul’s attitude to abortion after rape

Here’s the vid: Ron Paul reflects the tortured attitude most Americans have toward the moral quandary of abortion after rape. He is, like most Americans, ultimately inconsistent and conflicted. He believes that innocent human life exists from the moment of conception–and he would destroy that life in the case of a rape if necessary. His [Read More...]

Post Abortion Walk tells the story…

…of a post-abortive father. Abortion = 1 dead, two wounded. That’s even more true, by the way, if the wounded think they are fine. [Read more...]

A prolife libertarian…

tries to reason with insane libertarians on the question of abortion with the provocatively titled post “What if the ‘Fetus’ Could Shoot Back?”. The insane libertarians labor to underscore the fact that libertarian ideology, untethered from natural law and revelation, is one of the crazier and more inhuman philosophies the human mind has devised. It’s [Read More...]

Prolife Democrats Get Completely Shafted by Party

The Dems have dropped the last pretense of being anything but the party of zealous eager celebration of child murder by aborting the word “rare” from their cosmetically prettied up rhetoric about abortion rights. The maniacs and dogmatic ideologues are now in charge and are crazily refusing to give any quarter whatsoever to Dems who [Read More...]

Tom Kreitzberg writes…

I think you’re right that any pro-life political advocacy group that says “shut up until after the election” isn’t likely to have a loud voice after the election. For that matter, it may be time for me to start putting “pro-life” in quotation marks when I use it in the context of political advocacy. “Pro-life” [Read More...]

Romney Achieves First Prolife Political Win of Campaign!

Gets Really Truly Deeply Catholic Veep candidate to partly renounce prolife convictions for the sake of  party needs!: Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s strong views on abortion took a back seat to his new boss’s view in a Romney-Ryan campaign response to a Missouri Senate candidate’s controversial remarks about rape and abortion. The statement on behalf [Read More...]

Holy Innocents…

pray for them and for the people who did this to them.  May their blood, like yours, lead to the conversion of the world.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, receive these children to yourself and give them to God through our Lord Jesus. I sometimes wonder if, in the Providence of [Read More...]