Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Repeal Roe and the Second Amendment Together

I propose that an amendment be made to the Constitution requiring that Roe v. Wade *and* the Second Amendment be repealed together and forbidding the repeal of one without the other. Neither action will “outlaw” anything, of course. Abortion will simply revert to being a matter of state law, as will gun ownership. But it [Read More…]

Lint Hatcher on How Abortion was Sold to America

Part 1 and Part 2 (in which I learn, to my surprise about Betty Friedan’s genuine regret about adding abortion to the NOW platform and watching the fallout during the Seventies and Eighties. She really was pro-family and didn’t see it coming.) The whole thing was a tissue of lies will be a bleeding wound [Read More…]

Jeb Bush, the brother of the man who launched a catastrophic preventive war

…(known in technical theological terms as an “unjust war” or, more simply, as “murder”) announces that hell yeah, he’d go back in time and kill baby Hitler. Jeb has just told every pro-abort in the world that killing unborn children in socio-economic strata at high risk for crime and violence is freaking awesome. Here’s the [Read More…]


…making smart Lefties wilfully stupid for over 40 years. Bill, my Seattle homie: Loved you on Almost Live. Thought you were great with the Science Guy gig. But when you become Atheist Culture War Guy you just embarrass yourself. Play to your strengths and knock off the “As a Professional Media Pop Science Explainer, I [Read More…]

It’s just like donating blood, doncha know

[Read more…]

Pope Stubbornly Insists on Remaining Catholic

Left wing culture warriors disappointed and disgusted by the forgiveness of sins. Insist they have no sins to forgive. Read the piece. See how many sheer errors of fact and massive occurrences of ignorance you can count. [Read more…]

Pope Francis on the Moral Ordeal of Abortion

I love this guy so much. [Read more…]

A serious post about abortion on a humor blog

…by my Kiwi friend Bill Moore. [Read more…]

Marco Rubio is Right

The Life of a New Human Being Begins at Conception Or, as Atheists for Life puts it: “For the embryology textbook tells me so.” It is pro-aborts, not theists, who have to ignore the science go all wooly and mystical about “when ensoulment occurs” in order to rationalize the killing of human beings. [Read more…]

In case it’s not clear, Planned Parenthood is still evil

…and joking about shipping freshly severed babies heads is the mark of a civilization crying out to heaven for vengeance. Lord have mercy! ┬áChrist have mercy! ┬áLord have mercy! [Read more…]