Rich People Steamrolling Poor…

with “Just enough of me.  Way too Much of You!” standard Rich People Agenda.  Austin Ruse writes: In just a few weeks billionaire Melinda Gates is hosting a Family Planning Summit in London. She is doing this with the largest abortion providers and promoters in the world, the UN Population Fund and International Planned Parenthood [Read More...]

National Review Starts Ginning up the Prolife Sucker Routine

PROLIFERS!  YOU *MUST* UNITE BEHIND ROMNEY!!!! because he just obviously cares so much about human life and is not transparently a politician who says whatever he thinks will please you without a shred of personal integrity or conviction. I can understand a prolifer voting for this guy on the theory that, “Hey! He’s a complete [Read More...]

Love it when Evil lays out a buttload of money…

…for nothing. Go Planned Parenthood!  To hell, I mean. [Read more...]

Reason #3409834039583 to Homeschool

Murder Inc. will not set up a clinic in your living room to cull the Latino herd. [Read more...]

The delightfully subversive Andrew Klavan…

offers a paean of praise to murdering little girls. Jonathan Swift would be proud. But Mark!  You’ve criticized Live Action for attacking PP killing little girls!  You’ve said you can understand why somebody like Ron Paul would vote against an anti-gendercide bill. Yes.  It’s true.  I do not live in a Manichaean mental universe.  This [Read More...]

God bless Abby Johnson!

She’s starting an apostolate that reaches out to current and former abortion workers by offering financial, legal, emotional, and spiritual support as clinic workers transition out of the abortion industry and into a new line of work. So far, seventeen abortion clinic workers have contacted her wanting out of the abortion industry—and this is only [Read More...]

The Invaluable Marc Barnes…

applies the tenderizing mallet of his inimitable prose to what remains of the indigestible gristle of credibility that is Catholics for a Free Choice. Verdict: Aging geezers: Zero. Barnes for the win. That kid is all kinds of awesome. [Read more...]

It will be interesting to see…

if the Dems, for whom fealty to abortion is the sole core party value, will be able to bring themselves to respect their vaunted support for women enough to say that murdering women in the womb is a bad thing. I suspect not. Particularly since Pharaoh, having already made clear his zeal for sticking scissors [Read More...]

God Bless Katrina Fernandez…

…and thanks be to God for the awesome healing power of Christ in the sacraments. You’re a gutsy woman, Katrina, and I salute you. [Read more...]

Pure Evil

Now available in a convenient pill form. [Read more...]

Cultured Barbarian feels good about herself

…for murdering her inconvenient child, bravely faces applause from upscale suburban NY Times readers for her courageous choice to look after herself, her needs, her desires, her wants. Her. Her. Her. God have mercy on a person who could write such vapid, smug horror. [Read more...]