Another Planned Parenthood video documenting the absolutely legal and horrifically evil things done with the blessing of these United States. Our thoroughly incestuous news media will not cover it since they are too busy getting awards from Planned Parenthood. But you can join the National Protest on August 22 at a clinic near you and [Read More…]

When it Comes to Abortion, Science is on the Side of Life

I have remarked in the past that the weirdness of the abortion debate is that we Christians (who are, we assured) obscurantists who hate and fear science, are the ones who routinely point to scientific fact about the developing human fetus while it is pro-aborts who waste all their time making woolly-minded mystical speculations about [Read More…]

Planned Parenthood “Health Care”

Planned Parenthood likes to set itself up in low-income areas, where it is frequently the only ‘healthcare provider’ {sic} for the disenfranchised and desperate. That’s a cash crop for those trying to make a killing, both literally and figuratively. Let’s take a look at the health care services PP does and doesn’t provide, shall we? [Read More…]

What the Horrifying Planned Parenthood Videos Really Reveal

Ross Douthat relates a grisly tale of a time a truck spilled aborted babies on the road (and the compulsion of urbane abortion supporter to Not See it) to the current story of the Center for Medical Progress’ exposure of the gruesome lunchtime chat of PP reps about the “crunchiness” of the babies they gaily [Read More…]

Planned Parenthood is the Golden Calf of the Left

It is sacrosanct to its subculture and even the most vocal “mavericks” dare not gainsay it in any serious way lest the faithful withhold their hosannas and almighty dollars. Here, for instance, is gutsy truthteller and unchained prophet Bernie Sanders, Scourge of the Vested Interests, Fearless Attacker of Beltway Insider Hillary, Courageous Opponent of Big [Read More…]

Roe, We Were Told, Legalized Abortion to Protect Women from Back Alley Abortionists

Now the Supreme Court comes full circle and legalizes back alley abortions to protect abortionists. Abortion: ¬†Corrupting everything it touches since 1973! [Read more…]

NY House: Standing Tall for the Precious, Precious Right…

…to stab an unborn baby in the heart and inject it with poison. #whatAmericastandsfornow [Read more…]

Dems to Slaves

“Yeah, slavery is bad… I guess. ¬†But abortion is even more important.” [Read more…]

Most Pro-Aborts, Like Most Prolife People, Are Squishy…

They hold their views tentatively, sympathetic to hard cases on the other side. Most prolifers are reluctant to tell victims of rape and incest that they should not abort. About 20% are intellectually consistent, as distinct from sentiment, prolifers. Conversely, most pro-aborts want to tell themselves the “safe, legal, and rare” lie whereby they maintain [Read More…]

NOW Prez: Abortion prevents infant mortality

No. She really said that. In other news, black is white, freedom is slavery, lies are truth, and Lee Harvey Oswald prevented JFK’s death from Alzheimer’s. [Read more…]