Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP is my favorite priest in the universe

Here he is talking about Advent in 2012. If you have a bit of time and want to meet a holy priest who is about the closest you will ever get to meeting St. Thomas in the flesh, here’s your man. I love him to bits. [Read more…]

We Live in an Age of Wonders

Behold! The Beer Advent Calendar! [Read more…]

Pastoral Associate Steve Pable’s Reflection for Gaudete Sunday

He writes: Pastoral Ponderings Reflections for St. Gabriel the Archangel Can you feel the anticipation?  It becomes more tangible as the weeks go by, and the day draws closer.  People young and old grow more and more excited.  Stores and streets display cherished signs and symbols, and familiar music is heard everywhere.  As we count [Read More…]

What Torture Broke Was Us: An Examination of Conscience for American Catholic Torture Defenders

Now that the Torture Report is out and we are discovering that the lies we listened to for so long (We only waterboarded three high value targets! We had to do it to save lives!  Valuable intel!  Are you telling me that some filthy terrorist is more important than an unborn baby in your sick [Read More…]

The Torture Report

This is what “conservatives”, including *especially* anti-abortion-but-not-prolife “faithful conservative Catholics” have fought to defend for years. It is a disgusting stain on the American Catholic Church and a scandal which draws both the Faith and the prolife movement into disrepute. Penance is the only proper response to it.   And it is all the more [Read More…]

Today’s Advent Penitential Suffering

HT: John Herreid [Read more…]

Today’s Advent Act of Penance

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Celebrating Advent in a Culture of Fear

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more…]

Brandon Vogt writes:

This morning Fr. Robert Barron launched, a place where people can sign up to receive FREE daily reflections throughout Advent. Each day, from November 30 until Christmas Eve (December 24), Fr. Barron will email a short reflection on an Advent theme, in either English or Spanish (your choice!). In addition, subscribers receive exclusive videos not found [Read More…]

More on Advent from Fr. Barron

I like that Advent “crackles with energy”. [Read more…]