The Dominicans at the University of Washington Newman Center…

…are busy bees making video reflections for Advent. Check thou them out! [Read more...]

I’m here to help you learn courage and endurance

In time, you will thank me. [Read more...]

That Which Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger!

Hey! You’re not even to the halfway point. Lots more torment comin’ your way! [Read more...]

Fr. Denis Lemieux…

reflects on Advent and repentance and liberation from the powers and principalities of our present age. [Read more...]

We are a Paris Hilton People in an Apocalyptic World

The biblical term is “sheep without a shepherd”. It is a term is heartbreaking pity. If you want the sense of it, think of King Lear looking at the pathetic figure of Edgar groveling naked in the mud, or the wretchedness of Gollum that stayed Bilbo’s hand. That’s what these stories should evoke for our [Read More...]

Advent Penance Continues to Take on New Dimensions of Suffering

Savor the Wookiee dialog! [Read more...]

Let the Penance Begin!

But wait! There’s more tomorrow! [Read more...]

This reminds me!

Advent being a time of penitential suffering, I need to get going with the annual serial posting of the Star Wars Holiday Special. No. You needn’t thank me. I know exactly how you feel. If I can bring unbearable pain into just one minion’s life, I know my day ain’t been in vain fer nuthin’. [Read More...]

It’s the Big Advent Super Fun Pak Post!

courtesy of the hardest-working man in Advent, Marcel LeJeune! [Read more...]