Question about the Magisterium and Catholic Unity

Fellow Patheosi Scott Eric Alt writes: Many Protestant apologists take issue with a line of argument often used by Catholics, namely, that sola scriptura leads to chaos because there is no ultimate interpretive authority, and so look at all the contrary interpretations out there. The Protestant counters by pointing out that the Catholic has the [Read More…]

I love Fr. Robert Spitzer

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A Protestant Reader is Trying to Understand Papal Infallibility

He writes: I am a Reformed Presbyterian trending towards the Catholic Church, and I am about half way through your book By What Authority. I am enjoying very much. Howdy!  And thank you! I have a question for you. I have been debating a fellow Reformed friend about Infallible Tradition. He objects to the claim of [Read More…]

The Rhythm of Jimmy Akin’s Life

1. Crazy people spread loony rumor based on crazy misreading of something Francis said. 2. Jimmy explains what Francis actually said. 3. Crazy people complain, “If Francis is so orthodox, why are you constantly having to explain what he said?” [Read more…]

New Catholic Apologist on the Block!

Anybody who defends the Faith and gives his book revenues to charity is okay in my book! This Catholic apologetics book is written in a contemporary style of questions and answers. It is written for the ‘gathered and the scattered’ of God’s people. It is a devotional, inspirational and intensely personal book. It is meant [Read More…]

Part Two of the Catholic to American Phrasebook series

…by Yr Obdt. Svt. is up over at Our Sunday Visitor. [Read more…]

Some recommendations for basic apologetics materials

A reader writes: I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that, while you and I disagree vigorously about capital punishment, I appreciate very much your apologetic writings. For instance, I’m sending this one to a friend that I’m particularly frustrated by, since I seem unable to articulate a “meta” argument, instead getting caught [Read More…]

The existence of God is, in the end, common sense

It has always seem to me to require far more faith to reject God than to accept the fact of his existence. And attempts to reject him always strike me as exercises in sheer will power, not in superior intellect. HT: Brandon Vogt [Read more…]

Intellectual Fisticuffs

Some thoughts on the apologetics subculture over at the Register. [Read more…]