The Pickle of Private Judgment

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

Catholic Apologetics Tip

When a Fundamentalist tells you you are a pagan because some Catholic feast falls in a pagan sacred day, ask them what day of the week it is. [Read more...]

It’s the July Installment of the Bad Evangelists Club!

This months installment of the Bad Evangelist Club comes from David Gray who talks about how Protestants view “the essentials” and how Catholics misunderstand their views. One habit of the Protestant mind I have noticed again and again and again it the “Heads I Win, Tails the Church Loses” ploy in discussing what is and [Read More...]

Why Not the Bible Alone?

Yr Obdt. Svt. on Sacred Tradition and the unreality of Bible Only revelation. This is in English, but I’m gratified to hear that CERC will be translating some of my stuff into Spanish. I’d really love to start geting my stuff translated in Chinese. One of these days…. [Read more...]

I like this

The apologetic task cannot be limited to developing arguments. In some way we must realize that apologetics involves enabling people to glimpse something of the glory and beauty of God. It is these, not slick arguments, that will ultimately convert and hold people. True apologetics engages not only the mind but also the heart and [Read More...]

The Bad Evangelist Club…

…on How Not to Refute Sola Scriptura. [Read more...]

Everybody Knows There are 33,000 Protestant Denominations

Guess what? Everybody’s wrong. The Bad Evangelist Club takes on some of the lazier urban legends and bits of pseudoknowledge in the Catholic apologetics community with a view to making apologists better, stronger, faster, more bionic. I’m liking the idea of this series. Go Team! [Read more...]

I think I must be binging on Fr. Barron

I like that he manages to find something good in everybody he critiques while not backing down on the critique: [Read more...]

Yo Facebookians! New Apologetics Blog!

Reader Jared Clark writes: One day, a friend and I were discussing the problem that so many ignore the Church because of popular historical errors. With his encouragement, I started a facebook blog called “Son of Thunder: Historical Apologetics” (named after my confirmation saint, St. John the Evangelist) in order to correct these popular errors [Read More...]

Finding God at the Beach

An interview with Peter Kreeft, a philosopher who loves to surf. He told me once about surfing at Santa Barbara once in March. He emerged from the water and somebody said, “You from Boston?” He said, “Yeah! How’d you know?” The guy said, “Only somebody from New England surfs Santa Barbara in March.” I will, [Read More...]

The Indomitable John C. Wright

…continues his multi-part apologia for the Catholic faith in his inimitable style.  He is such *fun* to read.  Where else can you find a Catholic apologist who also has pithy observations about Wonder Woman’s new costume and the worthiness of Solomon Kane, Puritan Adventurer to be Leader of the Free World?  Plus, snazzy hat: [Read more...]

Faithful Answers and the Inquisitors’ Anti-Charism of Discernment

As the internet continues to facilitate the fractaling of the Catholic Church, what happens over time is that smaller and smaller enclaves of specialized groups find more and more petty things to get upset about and declare other Catholics “not really Catholic”. So, for instance, witness the fate of poor Karl Keating, Jimmy Akin, and [Read More...]