God Finally Gets Around to Revealing the Truly True Truth

Golly, what a completely novel idea. Who’da thunk a Protestant would claim–for the thirty thousandth time–that everybody before him (especially those EEEEEEVIL papists) was wrong and part of an Evil Conspiracy and he is the very first person in history to discover the TRVTH! There’s even a “once the Jews get *our* vision of gnosticism, [Read More...]

Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

This just landed in my mailbox: I’m writing to let you know about a special project my wife and I are working on titled “Catching Faith.” It’s a faith-based film featuring Bill Engvall and many other talented cast members. The story starts with a family who puts their social standing within their community above their [Read More...]

Satan Pleads

I’ll do you one better, Old Scratch. I won’t bring anyone to this movie.  (Though I do eagerly await the Rifftrax version.) [Read more...]

I love Fr. Barron’s takes on pop culture

Who but he could relate World War Z to the Church’s teaching on original sin and redemption? [Read more...]

I really gotta see “Calvary”

Fr. Robert Barron talks about this film with great enthusiasm. (SPOILER ALERT!) [Read more...]

A priest looks at Brendan Gleeson’s “Calvary”

here. Here’s the 60 review: And here’s an interview with Brendan Gleeson: [Read more...]

Patrick Coffin has a new project…

…and maybe you can help!  He writes: I’ve co-founded a small indie film company, Immaculata Pictures. This is separate from Catholic Answers Live.) Our Kickstarter video (link below) was selected as a Staff Pick within hours of posting it on Monday night — a big boon for us. It’s to raise money for our first film, Call [Read More...]

Color Me Skeptical

They’re making a movie about Tolkien and Lewis. We’ll see. [Read more...]

For my birthday, I am liveblogging “Sharknado”

I can’t wait to find out what this film is about. I’m live blogging the experience. So far, I’ve learned that the pretty waitress has a mysterious scar and hatred of sharks. I’m trying figure out the deep psychological connection. Also, villainous Mexicans and Asians are earth rapists who get eaten by whirling sharks in [Read More...]

Gotta love that Colbert is such a Tolkien Geek

Extra points for the C.S. Lewis quote. I’m hoping Jackson will salvage the disaster of the second movie with the third. We’ll see. Here’s the trailer: [Read more...]

A filmmaker named Ernesto Rivas is crowdfunding a new project

Here’s the site about the “Our Father” film. And here’s the crowdfunding site if you’d like to kick some $$$ toward it! [Read more...]

This is so many kinds of awesome I may vibrate too fast to be visible

Steve Greydanus interviewing Scott Derrickson on Horror, Faith, Chesterton and His New Movie Deliver Us From Evil and how he is Marvel’s recruit to direct Doctor Strange–wherein he talks about mystery, Catholicism, and confronting evil. We live in a time of wonders! [Read more...]