Steven Spielberg is bringing back the Animaniacs

Let joy be unconfined! [Read more…]

If you are interested in faith and film, check this out

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One of the great (accidentally) prolife movies now has a sequel

Looking forward to it. [Read more…]

Chesterton would have loved “Snow White”…

…sez Steve Greydanus.  I suspect he’s right.  Chesterton had an immense capacity for enjoying pretty much everything. Chesterton was a great defender of popular and even “vulgar” culture — the very change leveled by Lewis and Tolkien against Snow White. Take the following utterly typically Chestertonian sentiment, from All Things Considered: I believe firmly in [Read More…]

I think I need to go see “Paterson”

Bill Doino, Jr. and Deacon Steven Greydanus both love it.  Good enough for me.  It’s good to see that apostate Jesuit and murderer of Han Solo Adam Driver has redeemed himself. [Read more…]

So I gather there was a little mixup at the Oscars

It’s been years since I’ve watched them so I missed the kerfuffle, but congrats to whoever it was that actually won. [Read more…]

Yesterday, Rod Bennett and I had a jolly time…

…talking about the history of science fiction in the cinema, with a special focus on the greatest science fiction film of the 1950s, Forbidden Planet: [Read more…]

Deacon Steven Greydanus has the 2016 Year End Best Of List

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On the air with Deacon Steven Greydanus at 5 PM Eastern

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The typically perceptive Marc Barnes…

…on the re-mystification and reverencing of the Force in Rogue One. We do not hear the iconic line, “Use the force,” in Rogue One. We hear a reverent one: “Trust the force.” The difference between use and trust sums up the difference between magic and religion. It is also worth noting that the attempt to [Read More…]