Yesterday, Rod Bennett and I had a jolly time…

…talking about the history of science fiction in the cinema, with a special focus on the greatest science fiction film of the 1950s, Forbidden Planet: [Read more…]

Deacon Steven Greydanus has the 2016 Year End Best Of List

…over at Decent Films! [Read more…]

On the air with Deacon Steven Greydanus at 5 PM Eastern

…on Connecting the Dots.  Today we will be talking about the latest movie news. Give us a call or text us at 1-573-4BREAD4 or text us @breadboxmedia. [Read more…]

The typically perceptive Marc Barnes…

…on the re-mystification and reverencing of the Force in Rogue One. We do not hear the iconic line, “Use the force,” in Rogue One. We hear a reverent one: “Trust the force.” The difference between use and trust sums up the difference between magic and religion. It is also worth noting that the attempt to [Read More…]

Today we’re watching a heartwarming family holiday classic!

Henry Potter and the Building and Loan, in which a young banker with a lightning-shaped scar learns he has the magical power to crush the evil George Bailey (aka “Lord Voldemortgage”) and turn Bedford Falls from a socialist welfare haven for a lazy, discontented rabble into a Libertarian paradise for a thrifty working class. [Read more…]

Yesterday, Deacon Steven Greydanus and I…

gabbed about “Silence” and “Passengers”: [Read more…]

Because No Christmas is Complete Without It

…and because I have a deep streak of sadistic cruelty, I give you, ladies and gentlemen, the Star Wars Holiday Special as a reminder that franchise is not all Rogue One beer and skittles: [Read more…]

Bishop Robert Barron on “Arrival”…

…and the unique manner of God’s speech. A typically perceptive reading of one of the greatest science fiction films ever made. [Read more…]

Deacon Steven Greydanus wants to talk…

about cartoon parents. We’ll talk more about this on Connecting the Dots today at 5 PM Eastern. [Read more…]

How Catholic Catechesis Works, As Explained via a Star Wars Trailer

First, you have the text: Then, you have the Magisterial authority poring over the text and bringing out the hidden insights and connections embedded in it that you might have missed without the Magisterium helping you see them: [Read more…]