Tee, as they say, Hee

One thing I am grateful for:  Catholics at least don’t waste a lot of time on arguments about “scientific evidence for the the flood of Noah” and all that.  My own inclination is to think that there is some kind of primordial traumatic flood at the back of the story, given the ubiquity of flood [Read More...]

Prompted by the Noah movie

…my ever-interesting reader Lori Pieper has a couple of essays about the Bible and myth here and here. More like her please! [Read more...]

As I thought, Fr. Robert Barron has some typically intelligent commentary on Noah

You can read it here.  Between his and SDG’s work, I’m really looking forward to it. Also, the hysteria about it is cracking me up.  There’s the freaking out about “environmentalism” (well, yeah, the theme of sin damaging creation is a big part of the creation narrative).  There’s the panic about “veganism” (well, yeah, the Genesis [Read More...]

Noah: A Theological Reflection

by Steven Greydanus, one of the most honest and thoughtful critics writing today. I’m going to go see the film.  Why?  Because of Steve’s thoughtful work covering it. [Read more...]

Steve Greydanus interviews Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel

The writer/director and co-writer of Noah. [Read more...]

Frankenstein, Missouri

“It exists”. From the people who may one day bring you Manalive, there now (may be) coming a quirky horror/comedy called Frankenstein, Missouri. Here’s their website. see if you want to help the dream become a reality. [Read more...]

A Worthy Cause for Lenten Almsgiving

A reader writes: Right now I am trying to help our parish raise the funds needed for a project we are attempting to finish. We have 12 men going on the Way of St. James pilgrimage this summer and our pastor, Fr. Sergio, is working with Grass Roots Films to try to film a feature [Read More...]

I am happy to see I was dead wrong

According to Steve Greydanus, it looks like Noah rocks! Between that and the release of a new Muppet movie, I will be in filmgoing clover this month. [Read more...]

District 9 and the Inescapability of the Gospel

Here’s a fun discussion of District 9 by Fr. Robert Barron from a few years ago: I’m perpetually reminded of what Jeffrey Overstreet calls “The Inescapability of the Gospel“. [Read more...]

Left Behind: Now with 100% More Nicholas Cage!

I cannot wait for this.  Meanwhile, I must content myself with one of the funniest reviews ever written: Rod Dreher’s take on the original Left Behind movie called “Do Fake Boobs Go to Heaven?” Steven Greydanus, Grand Panjandrum of Catholic Film Criticism and Collector of Awesome Shea Honorifics, has a crushing burden of expectation on [Read More...]

Goodbye, Harold Ramis

A gifted comic genius and a sweet spirit.  If he’d made nothing other than Groundhog Day, dayenu. [Read more...]

Happy News!

Forbidden Planet, the greatest of all the Golden Age Science Fiction movies, is now available as a streaming freebie on Amazon Prime! One of those movies I will always drop everything and watch, just for sheer delight at neato, gee whiz, boyhood wonder.  It’s got everything: robots, monsters, virile spacemen, a hubba hubba babe heroine, [Read More...]