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on Bread Box Media! Today, we will be chatting with Steven Greydanus, film critic for the National Catholic Register and Crux and author of the invaluable DecentFilms website. You can listen in on line here. Feel free to call in and join the conversation at 1-573-4BREAD4, or tweet us @breadboxmedia. And all the shows are [Read More…]

What if Werner Herzog directed “Ant Man”?

This killed me: [Read more…]

Dave Mahanes, Producer for DEIDOX Films writes…

I came across your blog/website and thought I would reach out to you. I just wanted to introduce you to some free videos that might be of interest to you and your community. Our vision is to engage the world with God’s story and we do this by producing and giving away stories of how [Read More…]

Analyzing the SPECTRE trailer

For the Bond Nerd in your life. [Read more…]

So great!

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The Great Pie Fight

I believe the world needs more of this: One of the great comedies of the 60s. [Read more…]

My filmmaker friend, Kirk Gillon, is doing a documentary on the homeless and writes…

I want to thank all of the supporters from our first campaign! We have been filming 9 months now, and we are almost with a completed film. We need YOUR help NOW to pay for music composition and final mix! We are already in the process, but need more funds. Our film will be completed [Read More…]

Steven Greydanus asks when, if ever, art is worth killing and dying for

Check out his DecentFilms.com website. Want more “Connecting the Dots” podcasts? Go here! [Read more…]

Help Indy Catholic Filmmakers Get Their Movie Out

Today’s work of mercy: I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to share this letter about a feature documentary film my husband and I have been producing in Afghanistan for three years. I would be very grateful if you could watch the trailer and share something about the film and campaign on Facebook. We really [Read More…]

How a Christian Film with a Two Man Crew…

Managed to Make it to Walmart. As somebody who has had a little experience with the struggles of itsy-bitsy independent films with zero budget, I gotta hand it to these guys for their moxie. Here’s the trailer: [Read more…]