You Know When Christians Make a Bad Movie

…and then advertise it, not by telling you “This is a good movie” but by telling you, “This movie deserves your support because Christians made it and even though it sucks, you still have to go see it”? Well, it appears Planned Parenthood has adopted this marketing strategy. Upset with “Knocked Up” and “Juno” both [Read More...]

The New X Men Movie Sounds Fun

…according to Steve Greydanus. By the way, I forgot to mention that I finally got to see Noah a few weeks ago. As I thought I would, I liked it a lot and thought Steve’s extremely perceptive read of the film was pretty much my own. It’s a deeply Jewish read of the text, deeply [Read More...]

Boy, Was I Wrong About ‘The Passion of the Christ’

As we approach the commercial TV debut of The Passion of the Christ, I offer a little personal recollection of my two-degrees-of-separation involvement with the film and how, to my surprise, it kept me and my family from starving and living in our car, among other things. [Read more...]

Kelly Wilson Offers His Take…

…on Noah. [Read more...]

Captain America is great fun

The Marvel Comics commentary on the effort to create the Perfect Security State.  Plus, lotsa splodey things, Scarlett Johansen, bromance, and more splodey things. A fine evening wit the Brohirrim. Nope.  Still haven’t seen Noah yet, but I plan to. [Read more...]

Now This is How Noah Debates Should be Done

John C. Wright, half of the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society, went to see Noah on the strength of Steve Greydanus’ recommendation. He hated it.  And being the gifted scribe he is, he held forth in his characteristically gifted way, railing against the film and sending bootless cries of anguish to the brass heavens about this [Read More...]

Tee, as they say, Hee

  One thing I am grateful for:  Catholics at least don’t waste a lot of time on arguments about “scientific evidence for the the flood of Noah” and all that.  My own inclination is to think that there is some kind of primordial traumatic flood at the back of the story, given the ubiquity of [Read More...]

Prompted by the Noah movie

…my ever-interesting reader Lori Pieper has a couple of essays about the Bible and myth here and here. More like her please! [Read more...]

As I thought, Fr. Robert Barron has some typically intelligent commentary on Noah

You can read it here.  Between his and SDG’s work, I’m really looking forward to it. Also, the hysteria about it is cracking me up.  There’s the freaking out about “environmentalism” (well, yeah, the theme of sin damaging creation is a big part of the creation narrative).  There’s the panic about “veganism” (well, yeah, the Genesis [Read More...]

Noah: A Theological Reflection

by Steven Greydanus, one of the most honest and thoughtful critics writing today. I’m going to go see the film.  Why?  Because of Steve’s thoughtful work covering it. [Read more...]