Steve Greydanus interviews Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel

The writer/director and co-writer of Noah. [Read more...]

Frankenstein, Missouri

“It exists”. From the people who may one day bring you Manalive, there now (may be) coming a quirky horror/comedy called Frankenstein, Missouri. Here’s their website. see if you want to help the dream become a reality. [Read more...]

A Worthy Cause for Lenten Almsgiving

A reader writes: Right now I am trying to help our parish raise the funds needed for a project we are attempting to finish. We have 12 men going on the Way of St. James pilgrimage this summer and our pastor, Fr. Sergio, is working with Grass Roots Films to try to film a feature [Read More...]

I am happy to see I was dead wrong

According to Steve Greydanus, it looks like Noah rocks! Between that and the release of a new Muppet movie, I will be in filmgoing clover this month. [Read more...]

District 9 and the Inescapability of the Gospel

Here’s a fun discussion of District 9 by Fr. Robert Barron from a few years ago: I’m perpetually reminded of what Jeffrey Overstreet calls “The Inescapability of the Gospel“. [Read more...]

Goodbye, Harold Ramis

A gifted comic genius and a sweet spirit.  If he’d made nothing other than Groundhog Day, dayenu. [Read more...]

Happy News!

Forbidden Planet, the greatest of all the Golden Age Science Fiction movies, is now available as a streaming freebie on Amazon Prime! One of those movies I will always drop everything and watch, just for sheer delight at neato, gee whiz, boyhood wonder.  It’s got everything: robots, monsters, virile spacemen, a hubba hubba babe heroine, [Read More...]

If you are Interested in the new film Son of God

….you’ve come to the right place: Reader Matthew Haas writes: My name is Matthew and I’m helping to promote the movie Son of God, a film about Jesus’ life, that opens in theaters February 28. We’ve received great reviews from Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Gomez, just to name a few. You can read the Catholic [Read More...]

Steve Greydanus, Eparch of Filmic Awesometivity…

…counsels a copious intake of chill pills on the upcoming Noah flick.  He’s perfectly right, of course.  It’s just movie. I’ll go see it, partly out of professional interest and partly because I want to see the spectacle of a global flood done right, even if the theology is as deep as a mud puddle. [Read More...]

Who Could Possibly have Foreseen…

…that draining the story of Noah of all its biblical content beyond “Guy Survives Big Flood” and replacing it with ecobabble would alienate people who think the biblical author told the story better? [Read more...]