Goodbye, Harold Ramis

A gifted comic genius and a sweet spirit.  If he’d made nothing other than Groundhog Day, dayenu. [Read more...]

Happy News!

Forbidden Planet, the greatest of all the Golden Age Science Fiction movies, is now available as a streaming freebie on Amazon Prime! One of those movies I will always drop everything and watch, just for sheer delight at neato, gee whiz, boyhood wonder.  It’s got everything: robots, monsters, virile spacemen, a hubba hubba babe heroine, [Read More...]

If you are Interested in the new film Son of God

….you’ve come to the right place: Reader Matthew Haas writes: My name is Matthew and I’m helping to promote the movie Son of God, a film about Jesus’ life, that opens in theaters February 28. We’ve received great reviews from Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Gomez, just to name a few. You can read the Catholic [Read More...]

Steve Greydanus, Eparch of Filmic Awesometivity…

…counsels a copious intake of chill pills on the upcoming Noah flick.  He’s perfectly right, of course.  It’s just movie. I’ll go see it, partly out of professional interest and partly because I want to see the spectacle of a global flood done right, even if the theology is as deep as a mud puddle. [Read More...]

Who Could Possibly have Foreseen…

…that draining the story of Noah of all its biblical content beyond “Guy Survives Big Flood” and replacing it with ecobabble would alienate people who think the biblical author told the story better? [Read more...]

I’ve never thought about the burden movie critics bear

…till I passed on to Steven Greydanus the strange, terrible and hilarious news that Nicholas Cage will be starring in a Left Behind movie. He replied: It’s totally true. Been watching this with fascinated dread for awhile. I replied: It must be such a crushing burden to have to bear this knowledge in silence while [Read More...]

Oh goody! John C. Wright Reviews “The Hobbit…

…The Desolation of Tolkien”. It is as thorough and hilarious an evisceration as I could have hoped for. The one and only point he leaves out (for me, the single most offensive moment in the movie and revelatory of a conceptual and moral gulf between postmodern Jackson and medieval Tolkien) is the ghastly moment where [Read More...]

Steven G. Greydanus the Hirsute, Sesquipedalian, and Cinematographic

…writes: Hey man, So I recently noticed this pattern on your blog, where cool kids get these adjectives of awesomeness that go with their names. Barbara is “The Indomitable.” Brandon is “The Irrepressible” and even the “Delightfully Unstoppable.” (Bonus adverb!) Mike Aquilina is “Redoubtable.” Etc. What about me? I mean, yeah, you link to my [Read More...]

Am I, Like, the Only Person in the World Who Loves…

The Hudsucker Proxy? I see that it bombed when it came out and that critics panned it as empty and soulless and I wonder what planet everybody is from.  The thing is charming and hilarious. The script kills me.  Tim Robbins is the perfect decent doofus.  Jennifer Jason Leigh nails the tough and smart girl reporter who [Read More...]

Good to see

Upcoming Movie Challenges Pro-Abortion Narrative on Pregnancy Centers [Read more...]