Steven G. Greydanus the Hirsute, Sesquipedalian, and Cinematographic

…writes: Hey man, So I recently noticed this pattern on your blog, where cool kids get these adjectives of awesomeness that go with their names. Barbara is “The Indomitable.” Brandon is “The Irrepressible” and even the “Delightfully Unstoppable.” (Bonus adverb!) Mike Aquilina is “Redoubtable.” Etc. What about me? I mean, yeah, you link to my [Read More...]

Am I, Like, the Only Person in the World Who Loves…

The Hudsucker Proxy? I see that it bombed when it came out and that critics panned it as empty and soulless and I wonder what planet everybody is from.  The thing is charming and hilarious. The script kills me.  Tim Robbins is the perfect decent doofus.  Jennifer Jason Leigh nails the tough and smart girl reporter who [Read More...]

Good to see

Upcoming Movie Challenges Pro-Abortion Narrative on Pregnancy Centers [Read more...]

Gimme Shelter

New Pro-Life Movie Gimme Shelter Shows Mother’s Heroic Love for Her Unborn Child [Read more...]

John Farrell and I discuss the “The Hobbit”

…in a Skype chat recorded here. [Read more...]

“Desolation of the Imagination”…

…is Fr. Dwight’s first subtle clue that he has some issues with the latest Hobbit movie. Like Steven Greydanus, I give it a C. It’s not Tolkien’s Hobbit. It’s fan fiction based loosely on the Hobbit, by a man who has millions and millions of dollars to waste on trying to indulge every epic action [Read More...]

Harvey Weinstein Makes Hateful Anti-Catholic Agitprop

…gets upset when a reviewer calls it a hateful piece of anti-Catholic agitprop. [Read more...]

Guy drives audience crazy heckling the film “Gravity”

Starts griping loudly things like “Nice Soyuz procedure, Hollywood!” and “Oh yeah, because that’s what hypoxia as caused by rapid cabin decompression looks like you idiots!.” Finally, the management come and remove him from the theatre.  Turns out he’s Chris Hadfield, Actual Astronaut.  So I guess he’s more entitled than most. Reminds me of this [Read More...]

Joseph Gordon Levitt…

…seems to have his head screwed on straighter than your average Hollywood type. Nice to hear somebody in that industry talking about the problem of turning people into objects and commodities. [Read more...]

Saw “Gravity”

Wow.  Just wow.  Best film I’ve seen this year.  Absolutely bravura film-making. And *all* about baptism and rebirth.  Dunno if Cuaron is a Catholic (probably not, is my guess), but his imagination is entirely Catholic, whether he is aware of it or not.  This is a classic example of what critic Jeffrey Overstreet calls the [Read More...]