Honest Independence Day Trailer

How have I missed these things? What the heck, here the Honest World War Z trailer too: “Obligatory. Inception. BWAAS” completely undid me. [Read more…]

Steve Greydanus noodles the DC/Marvel movie universes

He writes: So Warner/DC is planning to introduce a veteran, established Batman in the DC cinematic universe established in MAN OF STEEL. Meanwhile, Disney/Marvel, which just closed a deal with Sony to allow Spider-Man to appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (though Sony will still retain film rights to Spider-Man), is planning on introducing the [Read More…]

50 Shades of Mercy

It seems to me that if Catholics are smart, we would take the launch of Fifty Shades of Grey to ally with feminists of good will and say that decent human beings do not glorify domestic abuse, but instead support efforts to fight domestic abuse and uphold the dignity of women (and all sentient creatures [Read More…]

Filmmaker Kirk Gillon needs our help

Kirk is a friend of mine.  He’s doing a documentary on the homeless and on the barbarity of the laws that are popping up forbidding people from helping to feed them.  He writes: I am asking for your support for my Indiegogo campaign, I have HOURS left to raise funds to continue filming. 90 year [Read More…]

Woman Who Believes Church Has No Respect for Women…

…Can’t Wait to See Fifty Shades of Grey. Garrison Keillor once remarked that Puritans came to the New World seeking the freedom to be harsher with themselves than English law allowed. The apostate Puritans of today continue that noble tradition by seeking the liberty from Catholic oppression and bourgeois tradition in order to be brutal [Read More…]

“The Principle” Gets a Tepid Review in Variety

Outside the hothouse of St. Blog’s, the normal world looks at a boutique film about quack science made by a super-fringe Catholic apologist, shrugs, says “Weird”, and gets on with its day.  True believers (led by producer Rick DeLano himself) show up in the combox to shriek stuff about the Liberal Conspiracy and pose for their pictures [Read More…]

Steve Greydanus has some interesting thoughts…

…on the curious relationship between Fantasia and the Sistine Chapel. If you go here and click on the January 23 “Connecting the Dots” show Steve and I did on Real Life Radio, you can hear our discussion of this piece. [Read more…]

Learning to Behold

Tony Esolen on the art of watching old movies. [Read more…]

Matthew Leonard and Yr Obdt Svt on Overcoming the Mary Problem

Some clips from the upcoming film “Convinced”: What cracks me up is that I do not know and have never heard of Mr. Leonard before seeing this clip, yet our experiences and even our descriptions of our experiences track so closely. I hope to meet him one of these days. Hats off to you, my [Read More…]

Did a fun interview with Steven Greydanus yesterday

on Connecting the Dots (archives don’t exist yet, but will soon). In the course of it, Steve told me about this cool interview he did with David Oyelowo, the star of “Selma”, a film Steve praises to the heavens. So I’m gonna go see it. [Read more…]