Paranoia is the Serious Business of Heaven

New Horizons in Conspiracy Cinema are under discussion over at the Register. [Read more…]

The Imaginative Conservative Takes Another Look at “Signs”

…as the deeply Christian film it obviously is. I argued much the same when the film first came out here and here. I was, alas, wrong about his promise as a filmmaker (a generation still weeps at The Happening and The Last Airbender and Lady in the Water), but I still like Signs. [Read more…]

Crescendo is on Youtube

It’s reaped 6 million bucks for crisis pregnancy centers and won 15 film awards. Not bad for a 15 minute film. [Read more…]

God Finally Gets Around to Revealing the Truly True Truth

Golly, what a completely novel idea. Who’da thunk a Protestant would claim–for the thirty thousandth time–that everybody before him (especially those EEEEEEVIL papists) was wrong and part of an Evil Conspiracy and he is the very first person in history to discover the TRVTH! There’s even a “once the Jews get *our* vision of gnosticism, [Read More…]

Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

This just landed in my mailbox: I’m writing to let you know about a special project my wife and I are working on titled “Catching Faith.” It’s a faith-based film featuring Bill Engvall and many other talented cast members. The story starts with a family who puts their social standing within their community above their [Read More…]

I love Fr. Barron’s takes on pop culture

Who but he could relate World War Z to the Church’s teaching on original sin and redemption? [Read more…]

I really gotta see “Calvary”

Fr. Robert Barron talks about this film with great enthusiasm. (SPOILER ALERT!) [Read more…]

A priest looks at Brendan Gleeson’s “Calvary”

here. Here’s the 60 review: And here’s an interview with Brendan Gleeson: [Read more…]

Patrick Coffin has a new project…

…and maybe you can help!  He writes: I’ve co-founded a small indie film company, Immaculata Pictures. This is separate from Catholic Answers Live.) Our Kickstarter video (link below) was selected as a Staff Pick within hours of posting it on Monday night — a big boon for us. It’s to raise money for our first film, Call [Read More…]

Color Me Skeptical

They’re making a movie about Tolkien and Lewis. We’ll see. [Read more…]