Your Chance to Help Make an Indie Film

Producer Alison Parker writes: Hi there, my name is Alison Parker and I am a film producer from Vancouver, Canada.  I’m writing you today to ask for your help.  I am involved with a lovely short film called “The Mary Contest”, written and directed by Teresa Mcgee.  The film is about a young girl named [Read More...]

Fr. Barron on Les Miz and the Hobbit (Spoilers)

I love this guy. Healthy engagement with culture while not sacrificing a drop of the Tradition. And yeah, he’s got a review of “The Hobbit”: [Read more...]

Barb Nicolosi Does the Autopsy…

…on the latest piece of euthanasia agitprop that is bravely facing the enthusiastic applause of the Manufacturers of the Culture of Death at the Oscars. [Read more...]

Steve Greydanus Defends “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Go Steve! I’m glad First Things is publishing this, since they offered the incredibly wrong-headed and misbegotten piece a couple of weeks ago attacking the film on amazingly specious grounds.  (Although the wrong-headedness of the critique was at least in favor of saving Bedford Falls and not in exalting Mr. Potter as the moral lunatics [Read More...]

As I feared…

…the bawling sound of a cash cow being bled to death that rippled out of En Zed when Peter Jackson announced he was turning the slim and joyous children’s tale The Hobbit into a three part epic was not just my ears playing tricks on me. It sounds like it’s not a *bad* movie (70-ish [Read More...]

Interesting piece…

…as the director and cast of The Hobbit ruminate a bit on Tolkien’s Catholicism. [Read more...]

Fr. Robert Barron on Skyfall (Spoiler Alert)

[Read more...]

I feel affirmed in my okayness

This clip, featuring the most ridiculous maniacal laugh in the entire history of cinema, makes me feel extra super smart for never having spent a nickel or wasted a moment on Twilight in either written or cinematic form: I may show that clip on an endless loop to minions in my Pits of Despair. [Read more...]

In Future Ages…

people will envy us as the generation that lived in the same age as Jackie Chan, one of the greatest geniuses in the history of cinema: [Read more...]

A Kiwi Friend writes

We have been thinking of you – Wednesday in Wellington is the premier of the Hobbit – they are actually going to give two hours live tv time to it. In typical kiwi fashion, it is all very low key – except that Air New Zealand has actually covered one of their jets in Hobbit [Read More...]