Fr. Robert Barron on “Inception”

I missed this. Great stuff: [Read more...]

Who Knew There Was An Entire Feature Length Star Trek Fan Fiction Film?

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Love’s Labours Lost

So my wife says, “You gotta see Love’s Labour’s Lost streaming on Netflix.”  I say okay, so Pete and I sit down to watch it with her. It was… a trip.  I remember when it came out and it got panned. So I didn’t bother at the time. Now that I’ve seen it, I just don’t [Read More...]

Proof this Pope Is Deeply in Touch with the Most Profound Human Needs

Pope Francis Calls Zack Snyder to Complain of Ben Affleck’s Selection to Play Batman There is no hell the gospel cannot confront. [Read more...]

Shea’s Rule of Thumb for Evaluating Art

Talented artists move you. Talentless hacks just try to shock you. To be sure, good artists will make use of shock in their palette of tricks. Shakespeare had not problem with it (see “Titus Andronicus”). But a hack pretty much only knows how to shock. So bores like Lady Gaga just keep trying to figure [Read More...]

Fr. Robert Barron on World War Z

…and the inescapability of the gospel. For more on this bedrock fact of storytelling, go here. [Read more...]

Barbara Nicolosi Harrington Wants Good Christian Storytellers

She writes: What is needed is a serious academy-based training program in Christendom which will become the global center of discussion and learning about dramatic story telling. Basing ourselves on the successful artist guilds which eventually produced the Renaissance, Christians today need to strategically and intelligently aid playwrights and screen storytellers in finding their power [Read More...]

Steve Greydanus Reviews “The Lone Ranger”

Four words: Thanks for the warning. Steve is troubled by something that increasingly worries me: the growing hatred our manufacturers of culture have for heroes. [Read more...]

Seven Short Genre Films by Three of the Brohirrim

These cracked me up. [Read more...]

Aww yeah! The trailer for the next Hobbit film is out!

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