Gotta love that Colbert is such a Tolkien Geek

Extra points for the C.S. Lewis quote. I’m hoping Jackson will salvage the disaster of the second movie with the third. We’ll see. Here’s the trailer: [Read more…]

A filmmaker named Ernesto Rivas is crowdfunding a new project

Here’s the site about the “Our Father” film. And here’s the crowdfunding site if you’d like to kick some $$$ toward it! [Read more…]

This is so many kinds of awesome I may vibrate too fast to be visible

Steve Greydanus interviewing Scott Derrickson on Horror, Faith, Chesterton and His New Movie Deliver Us From Evil and how he is Marvel’s recruit to direct Doctor Strange–wherein he talks about mystery, Catholicism, and confronting evil. We live in a time of wonders! [Read more…]

A friend of mine wrote a short film

My pal, Tim Brown, took a little course on filmmaking and wrote a script for a short film. Pretty cool! Tim is the bearded mastermind at the laptop. I’ve always wanted to try something like this. [Read more…]

North Korea’s Weird Little Psychopathic Dwarf is Vewwy Vewwy Upset

…and calls this an “act of war“: I think I’ll go see it, just to spite him. [Read more…]

Bravely Facing the Applause…

by “courageously” making a “abortion romantic comedy” that critics are ideologically require to praise or face universal ostracism is the topic du jour over at the Register. [Read more…]

Fifty Years After We Learned to Stop Worrying …

and Love the Bomb [Read more…]

Lord of the Rings by George Lucas

Ouch. [Read more…]

You Know When Christians Make a Bad Movie

…and then advertise it, not by telling you “This is a good movie” but by telling you, “This movie deserves your support because Christians made it and even though it sucks, you still have to go see it”? Well, it appears Planned Parenthood has adopted this marketing strategy. Upset with “Knocked Up” and “Juno” both [Read More…]

The New X Men Movie Sounds Fun

…according to Steve Greydanus. By the way, I forgot to mention that I finally got to see Noah a few weeks ago. As I thought I would, I liked it a lot and thought Steve’s extremely perceptive read of the film was pretty much my own. It’s a deeply Jewish read of the text, deeply [Read More…]