Seven Short Genre Films by Three of the Brohirrim

These cracked me up. [Read more...]

Aww yeah! The trailer for the next Hobbit film is out!

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So. This Exists.

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May I Just Take This Moment to Say…

Jackie Chan is one of the greatest geniuses since Chaplin or Keaton. [Read more...]

Go Steve Greydanus!

May 24: The REEL FAITH Movie Review Show Returns It’s the New Season of Action-Packed Movie Reviews Through a Catholic Lens BROOKLYN, NY – Do Hollywood and independent filmmakers know that Catholics are the largest sector of their U.S. marketplace? Nearly 78 million Americans are Catholic, 25% of the U.S. population, and the Roman Catholic [Read More...]

I think Rainn Wilson…

…should play this guy in the film of his life story. Till that film is made, Napoleon Dynamite remains the snow-capped summit of Mormon cinema. Speaking of which, the Rainn (a Seattle native from within walking distance of my house, I am proud to note) could really use a sidekick, and I know just the [Read More...]

Greydanus on Ebert

Steve puts up a fine little piece on Roger Ebert’s curious Catholic sensibilities and complex relationship to the Faith. I had been going to write something, but I think I’ll let Steve do the heavy lifting. I couldn’t help but like the guy and I hope that his “lock, stock, and barrel” Catholicism (curiously hampered [Read More...]

If you are interested in screenwriting…

…check thou this out: WRITERS & PRODUCERS: MOVE YOUR CAREER FORWARD WITH THE ACT ONE SUMMER PROGRAMS Your summer begins with an amazing 3-Day Retreat in beautiful Malibu, CA that is filled with high-level discussions and foundational lectures on the intersection of faith and film and its impact on culture.  Next, you move on to challenging and practical Workshops and a [Read More...]

What Better Way to Say “I Love You”…

…than with the gift of cold-blooded murder? That is the message of Nazi euthanasia propaganda film, “I Accuse” (in which a loving husband bumps off his wife when she gets to be too much of a hassle to care for). It’s also the message of “Amour” which has been nominated for an Oscar by the [Read More...]

Good News/Bad News

The Good News (for everyone but Victor Lams): JJ Abrams is set to direct the new Star Wars flick. The Bad News: Sources now reveal that “JJ” stands for “Jar Jar”. [Read more...]