Seattle’s Own Board of Education asks the musical question…

Why is Dad so Mad? George Lucas did to Star Wars what Michael Jackson did to his face. [Read more...]

LarryD has some brilliant casting ideas

for the next big Catholic movie. By the way, that Kathleen Turner movie? Ouch. Written by the sort of people who think priests go around calling everybody, “My child”. Seriously, Hollywood. Do a *little* research before you write about Catholics in their natural habitat. The level of sheer sociological ignorance on display in that flick [Read More...]

All I need to know

“The Avengers is awesomeness squared” – Steve Greydanus Good enough for me. I’m there. [Read more...]

The Greatest Movie EVER MADE!!!

…according to Kevin O’Brien. Your mileage may vary. I am extremely impressed that Kevin saw the Three Stooges live when he was a sapling. My close encounters with famous people are limited to once shaking hands with Jimmy Carter, standing next to Tom Skerrit in line once, and being in the same room with Bruce [Read More...]

Freethinking! You Get What you Pay For

In which Mike Flynn does another autopsy on the New Atheist creation myth that is Agora. [Read more...]