Interesting piece…

…as the director and cast of The Hobbit ruminate a bit on Tolkien’s Catholicism. [Read more...]

Fr. Robert Barron on Skyfall (Spoiler Alert)

[Read more...]

I feel affirmed in my okayness

This clip, featuring the most ridiculous maniacal laugh in the entire history of cinema, makes me feel extra super smart for never having spent a nickel or wasted a moment on Twilight in either written or cinematic form: I may show that clip on an endless loop to minions in my Pits of Despair. [Read more...]

I am now two degrees of separation from Steven Spielberg

Had a very weird experience the other night.  Went to see Lincoln (short review: very good account of the politicking necessary to pass the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery.  Don’t even bother nominating anybody else for Best Actor.  Daniel Day-Lewis is astonishing). Anyway, I’m watching the movie and what to my wondering eyes should appear but [Read More...]

In Future Ages…

people will envy us as the generation that lived in the same age as Jackie Chan, one of the greatest geniuses in the history of cinema: [Read more...]

A Kiwi Friend writes

We have been thinking of you – Wednesday in Wellington is the premier of the Hobbit – they are actually going to give two hours live tv time to it. In typical kiwi fashion, it is all very low key – except that Air New Zealand has actually covered one of their jets in Hobbit [Read More...]

Fr. Robert Spitzer and Barbara Nicolosi Harrington

have put together and extremely cool film called “Cosmic Origins” that discusses the ways in which the data given us by God in the Book of Nature and the data given us by God in the revelation called the Catholic faith are profoundly compatible. Truth does not contradict truth. Check it out. [Read more...]


L’Osservatore Romano continues its recent trend of weighing in on weird stuff like the school nerd bursting into conversation among cheerleaders to talk about Star Wars trivia in a disquietingly loud tone of voice: His womanising and predilection for gunning down Britain’s enemies may not make him the most Godly of characters, but L’Osservatore Romano [Read More...]

This killed me

Oh. So. True. [Read more...]

The Concept Art That Killed “Jurassic Park IV”

Sometimes extinction is a terrific idea. Human-dino hybrids. Urk. [Read more...]